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WHAT'S NEW PRODUCTS: Narrow Web & Label

Splicing Agent Can Be Recycled

Multipurpose splicing agent 64437 for common repulpable adhesive tape applications includes attaching substrates to cores to enable the winding process, manual splicing of one substrate to another, and permanent splicing. With an aggressive adhesive system, product is said to adhere well to coated and uncoated paper stock and to maintain its initial positioning with little to no movement. Can be recycled during pulp and repulp processes; protective liner is the only part of the tape that requires discarding.

Simple Installation For Web Guides

Company offers standard web guide models to fit many Mark Andy narrow web presses. RDG5 and MDG5 all-air web guide models are said to fit easily in tight or limited spaces of Mark Andy 2200, 4120, and 4150 narrow web presses. All-air systems are powered entirely by low-pressure plant air, simplifying installation with no electronic wiring needed. A two-stage air filter removes water and contaminants from supply air lines. All-air web guides also can be customized to fit any narrow web press.

Coupon Label Stock Offered

A 54-in.-master roll width of Standard Circle Coupon label stock is in stock with company's AT2000 adhesive and 40# liner. Other configurations, including with PE3 permanent adhesive, are available as custom orders with five-day lead times.

Find Hazing at Low Levels

The Hazing module is designed to go after very low-contrast hazing effects or streaks in the web direction. The integrating detection algorithm works down to very small contrast levels. It can find hazing at high speed, which often is difficult to see, even on a printed sample. The width of the hazing as well as tolerance settings can be adjusted easily by sliders in the graphical user interface of the NYSCAN print inspection system.

Print Labels With Flexibility

Company reports the release of the newest versions of Barcode 2000 multiplatform label printing solution developed by its Unibar subsidiary. Unibar ELS Standard high-performance label design and printing software operates on UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms, using data from standard applications and databases to output bar code labels. Release includes new bar code symbologies that give users more flexibility, capacity, and options for their bar code and RFID labels.

Clean Web in Small Space

The Four Roll Narrow Web Cleaner now has a narrow design with spring-loaded gudgeons for quick tape replenishing and roll replacement. New design requires only 5 in. of space for installation.

Print Envelopes Up To Eight Colors

Flexo press for the envelope market prints both line and process work. Press configurations are available for printing up to eight colors on one side of the web and another configuration accommodates backside printing. Press includes individual servo drives to each anilox, plate, and impression roll. Options include on-press sleeve changes for the plate and anilox roll and servo roll positioning. Dryer options include UV, IR, and hot air impingement as well as compressed air systems.

PSA Keeps Stability

Duro-Tak RRP reactive-resistant solution acrylic PSA is said to offer excellent adhesion to difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces in transfer tape applications. Provides the benefits of two-part performance formulations in a one-part package and allows for higher amounts of reactive groups to be present while retaining stability comparable to traditional solution acrylics.

Image Plates with Small Footprint

Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) Spark 1712 is a small-footprint, cost-effective flexo plate and film imager for narrow web printers. It allows users to continue to image film, along with the opportunity to advance to a digital workflow, direct to plate. It is able to image digital flexo plates, foil-based digital letterpress plates, digital silkscreens, chemistry-free film, and chemistry-free offset plates. Can image a full size plate in 9½ min with effective screen rulings to 175 lpi.

Reduce Setup, Changeover Times

The Gamma flexo printing and converting system, with two independent servo drives on each print station, offers pre-register, auto-register, print length control, and what is described as a revolutionary printhead design. Said to reduce job change times and setup waste. Employs company's Pit-Stop color change system, enabling operators to effect a complete color change in less than 2½ min/station. Available with web widths to 510 mm and a maximum speed of 200 mm.

Measure Tension on Narrow Webs

New line of narrow web tension transducers can measure light to heavy running tension on web widths from 6-20 in. Transducer is a bearing-mounted, cantilevered idler roll with integrated dual tension sensors. It measures total web tension across the roll face regardless of web position on the roll and regardless of which edge of the web is tighter. Unit is available in roll diameters of 2.25, 3, and 3.5 in.

Copy, Inkjet Lines Are Expanded

MACcopy product line for laser printing and MACjet line for inkjet printing now include gold laser, silver laser, high-gloss laser, matte clear laser, white PET laser, and high-gloss inkjet. New options feature a coated, 50# liner for high layflat performance. Both lines offer company's patented non-ooze MP910 and MP915 adhesives. All laser and inkjet products are provided on 6-in. cores and are ready to be die-cut and sheeted.

Liner Reduces Material Use

Re-engineered THINflex PP 160 HC TC-332 includes a 0.92-mil PET liner, TRACrite 92. Company says 1.6-mil clear BOPP film offers a 20% reduction over standard 2.0-mil clear product, and liner offers a reduction of 8%-24%, depending on current liner used. These changes are said to offer cost-effective, “greener” material reductions, while maintaining high performance capabilities required for food, beverage, and prime label applications. Films said to offer excellent resistance to shrinkage, moisture, humidity, and product contents.

Resin for Shrink Use

Designed for shrink label applications, K-Resin SBC KR52 reportedly provides benefits in yield, printability, and blend capability. In addition to using less material, its up to 80% TD shrinkage characteristic at 100 deg C allows usage in a wide array of shrink label applications. Company says product has been successfully blended with up to 30% crystal PS while maintaining a broad process window and exceptional clarity. Blends offer high shrink and are easily processed.

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