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Station Domination

In an effort to reach today's consumers, many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are combining new advertising options with traditional, high visibility venues, such as train stations, airports, and bus stops, to publicize brands. These alternative applications, which reach a targeted, captive audience, are similar to retail, in-store advertising. They include graphics on counter and desk areas; POP displays; wall graphics and murals; two-way window graphics; and graphic advertising on floors, indoor carpets, and outdoor walkways.

One heathcare provider, AvMed Health Plans of Florida, was on a mission to build brand recognition and differentiate itself from other national healthcare plans. Capturing the attention of AvMed's audience would be no easy task with the competing visual clutter in the city of Miami.

AvMed was working with a printer and advertising agency on the campaign when FLEXcon, a manufacturer of self-adhesive film products, was asked to join the project. FLEXcon provided consultation on film choices and supplied the stock.

Vinyl Film Chosen

Placing graphics on much of the available space within high-traffic areas of a Miami-Dade Transit Station became the main focus of the project — a true “station domination.” This gave AvMed access to thousands of audience members who might not have been exposed to the messages otherwise. The graphics were designed and produced by the printer and advertising agency on self-adhesive film products.

Graphics were rescaled and resized for the most advantageous and esthetically pleasing image for each application. Similar images were used on multiple applications for consistency and to provide repetition to enhance effectiveness.

A total of 41 columns were wrapped as a first-of-a-kind project for the station. The column graphics measured 6 ft around and 11 ft high and were printed on FLEXcon FLEXmark BILBRDTM BWV RTS vinyl film.

The circumference and rough textured surface of the columns posed extra challenges and called for a film that was unusually flexible and included an adhesive aggressive enough to adhere to the surface, without peeling, over the length of the ad campaign.

Other applications in the transit station included wall graphics and murals and large circular graphic advertising on floors, including a smiley face with a 20-ft-wide grin, made of printed bright yellow vinyl. The floor advertising graphic was printed on FLEXmark white opaque base film and finished with a frosty clear FLEXmark overlaminate. This embossed overlaminate meets anti-slip requirements, which are mandatory for this type of advertising.

Strategically positioning a message in a location with heavy foot traffic helps AvMed leave a lasting impression in consumers' minds long after they leave the center. These types of advertising solutions offer a multitude of opportunities for brand-owners, all by utilizing the print quality, image quality, and durability of self-adhesive film. FLEXcon reports this campaign generated incredible buzz for AvMed and stimulated a high level of awareness for the brand.

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