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An Experienced Team

While the equipment a company uses is a contributing factor to its quality and service capabilities, Jim DiBona, co-founder of TEK Labels & Printing, says the experience of his managers — and their subsequent problem-solving skills — also are key selling points to current and prospective customers. As an example, he points to one customer that had a difficult label job that needed to run at high speeds — in a wet environment — without tearing.

The company often must draw on the combined knowledge of its small, but experienced production team to solve problems. For other applications, they'll work with their suppliers or custom coaters to find a material that's not readily available but one that will work for a specific application.

“So, it ranges from just having the knowledge of what materials are available that might work in a specific application, then finding ones that we can convert in the format that they need,” explains DiBona. “Some of them are films that might stretch as they run through the press, and you've got to figure out ways of controlling all that so that it's a consistent, reliable product.”

Converter Info

  • TEK Labels & Printing | 472 Vista Way, Milpitas, CA 95035 | 408-586-8107 | www.teklabel.com

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