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Future of video inspection systems seems bright.

This is the final installment of a three-part series on video web inspection. This month's article focuses on how to select the right system and manufacturer

Educate the consumer to become a better customer.

Future Probe '95, a recent conference, sponsored by Packaging Group Inc., featured more than ten presentations on the nature and future of the food service

Gains in productivity call for look at manufacturing process.

How should a manager proceed to improve productivity in his plant?How does one recognize whether productivity is at, above or below par? And after one

Clean air rules are changing & you can have a say

FPA REGULATORY REPORTFederal regulatory agencies, formerly intractable and uncompromising, now seek industry input in an attempt to reform environmental

Converter combines profit with environmental concern

At Brady USA, the careful selection of a flexo press and bare-roll treater results in improved product quality, EPA compliance, and increased profitability.The

Paperboard Packaging Awards bring out the best

"This year, the National Paper Paperboard Packaging Competition received more than 350 entries, a 25% increase from 1994, and the most in the last seven

Reynolds subsidiary in Spain benefits from technology transfer

Grafiba SA, a subsidiary of Reynolds Metals Co., started as a manual converter of paper bags and has grown into one of the first firms in Spain to use

Buyer beware when comparing video systems

This is the second in a three-part series on video web inspection. The series will present the technological basics, define concepts and principals essential

Interest in waste-disposal technologies at all time high

As upcoming trade shows such as Envitec focus on global responsibility, interest in environmental protection and waste-disposal technologies is at an

Business antitrust laws enforced outside of U.S.

For American companies, compliance with US antitrust laws has long been a well understood fact of life.What has often been unclear, however, is the extent

Time-based competition strategy gains momentum

A recent survey of American companies found practically all of them put time-based competition strategy, as the new approach is called, at the top of

Book details Japan's packaging industry

For those interested in exactly how Japan operates in the packaging/converting industry, the Japan Packaging Consultants Corp. (JPCC) has recently published

Costa Rican converter expands Latin market

Empaques Universal, headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica, is Central America's largest flex-pack converter with sales of $25 million.The firm has plants

Flexographic Awards honor top industry achievers

The 1995 Flexographic Technical Association Awards Competition honored the best of the industry based on degrees of printing difficulties and execution

Printer responds to tougher environmental standards

New regulations nailed a solvent done considered environmentally friendly. Poly-Pak Industries scrambled to meet the new standards and combat a wave of

Building quality into the web printing process

This is the first in a three-part series on video web inspection. The series will present the technological basics, define concept and principals essential

Film offers food packagers green marketing opportunity

When ICI Films decided to develop the first polyester foodpackaging film using post-consumer recycled (PCR) content nearly a year ago, we did so believing

Difficult employee terminations should be handled with care.

One of the toughest jobs an employer sometimes has to face is the handling of difficult employee terminations. Because of the potential legal pitfalls,

Open mind, careful questions mean managerial success.

Like it or not, virtually every action or nonacntion a manger takes will be interpreted by employees is some way. Therefore, even the way managers ask

Consortium proves quality growth of flexo printing

As a result, flexographic printing is now used to print sophisticated packaging and point-of-sale advertising, and process color is printed on a routine

Quick changeovers, quality top bagmaking demands.

Manufacturers and suppliers of bagmaking machinery and equipment are finding that quick changeover, servo drives and computer controls are essential in

Strong growth predicted for flex-pack industry

With shipments planning to reach $15.5 billion by the end of the year, the fifth annual State of the Industry Report from the Flexible Packaging Association

Conserving weight, space earns praise for flexible

Bags and pouches demonstrating innovation in reducing waste and increasing cost effectiveness were rewarded with top honors by judges for the Flexible

Company develops line of cost-saving packaging

A Pennsylvania packager responds to the diaper industry's growing demands for high-performance compression diaper bags. These bags, which are tightly

Innovative uses, creativity earn honors from AIMCAL

Judges for the Package/Label of the Year Award, sponsored by the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, praised new applications

Computerized dispensing provides ink management

It was a big week for Malcolm Clare, operations vice president, Transprint USA, the country's largest gravure printer of heat-transfer designs used to

Solid-waste proposals still considerable at state level.

Solid-waste legislative proposals at the state level targeting packaging issues decreased only slightly in 1994, according to Single Service News, the

Flexibility key in today's changing business world.

Organizations that fail to change, and change quickly, face certain death.Today's organizations must constantly change in order to survive. Every year,

Investment to help growth for converter

Amcor Ltd., Melbourne, Australia, has made an investment in Flexible Holding Inc., Seattle, WA, to help accelerate FHI's growth through its wholly-owned

Self-wound label acts as release liner

Self-wound interleaved ribbons and labels for thermal-transfer printing are available from Media Solutions Inc., Longmeadow, MA, and IIMAK, Amherst, NY.The

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