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Managing Creatively Inspires Enthusiasm AND New Business

Scene: Your company is celebrating a milestone anniversary. You want to inspire some enthusiasm for the event in more ways than one. What do you do?

The Newark Group, recently distributed a news release advising it was celebrating its 100th anniversary. That’s quite an accomplishment! So, of course, you’d expect some festivities, right? And all of that costs money. With such a celebration, any company would enthusiastically spend the dollars it takes for a grand soiree, as The Newark Group is doing.

The Newark Group is a leader in the collection of secondary fibers and the manufacturing and converting of 100% recycled paperboard, and it took the party concept a step further, for which I applaud them.

The company announced that it had received nearly 150 new product innovation ideas from employees and customers as part of its program celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company. While ideas will continue to be accepted on an ongoing basis, the deadline for ideas to be a part of the 100th anniversary incentive program ended on July 15.

New product development teams are still in the process of assessing the recommendations, looking at everything from feasibility and engineering to market potential and prioritization.

According to Frank Papa, president and CEO of The Newark Group, “The caliber of ideas generated was truly outstanding and I have every reason to expect that they will provide the company with a solid pipeline of new products that will help to create a more sustainable world.”

Now that’s creativity hard at work. Congratulations, The Newark Group, on your 100th anniversary and for inspiring your workforce and customers whose close involvement in the manufacturing process is something worth rewarding!

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