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American Roller Releases New High Release Urethane

American Roller announced a new, specialty formulated soft covering to its growing library of roller coverings and coatings. HR Excelnip 27000 was designed to provide customers with extreme wear, abrasion resistance, and exceptionally high release properties never before seen in the industry.

The superior release properties reportedly outperform even a common use high release silicone, and it can be seen in the demonstration video found on the company’s YouTube channel. In addition to seeing up-to 20 times greater release properties, customers could also experience up to 50 times greater abrasion resistance with this new covering.

“Adhesive build-up has been a longtime concern for many of our customers. The early successes we have seen with our new high release covering has proven that it will allow customers to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, adhesive buildup from hot melt and sticky web substrates,” said William Bradley, VP of business development, American Roller.

American Roller will be featuring this new product in an upcoming webinar later this month.

For more information, visit https://americanroller.com.

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