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MAXSON Offers a Sheeter for Magnetized Laminates

Specialty converters of magnetized polypropylene or PVC laminates can accurately sheet to finished sizes with the new MAXSON SDFK Sheeter. 

Metsä Board Invests in New Sheeting Line at Äänekoski Mill

The investment will increase the annual capacity of the sheeting plant by 35,000 tons to a total of 120,000 tons.

Maxson Announces Pack Discharge Sheeter

The MSS sheeter delivers reams from a single discharge point continuously, and features digital drive controls

Maxson Roll Stand Is Self-Loading

The shaftless stand is said to permit fast roll changes and accommodate various size rolls

Apex Launches High-End Sheet Operation with Davis-Standard System

The Davis-Standard system has been an integral part of Apex’s successful launch from the perspective of both technology and service

Maxson Offers Rapid Pallet Discharge System

Non-stop delivery is said to enhances sheeter productivity by 15% and require no operator involvement

Maxson Sheeter Suited for High-Pressure Laminates

The SDFK sheeter with its dual-knife rotary cutting action is said to improve productivity for HPL manufacturers

Maxson Offers Knife Sharpening Service

Company says it provide quick turnaround service for knives of all manufacturers

Maxson Sheeter Avoids Secondary Pile Restacking

Feature allows operator to avoid the intermediate step of aerating and re-jogging piles prior to loading into the printing press feeder

BDT Granted Patent for Sheeting Method

Shingle stream method uses company’s Tornado technology to enable automated variable overlap shingling for variable length sheeting and stacking

Maxson Board Sheeter Said to Enhance Productivity

Dual-knife rotary sheeter for board converting and printing is reported to reduce downtime while keeping quality high

AZCO Sheeter Has Automated Stacking System

Custom sheeter system creates 12-in.-high stacks of aluminum material with automatic features

Maxson Retrofits Older Sheeters

Dual motor drive retrofit reportedly allows older sheeters to remain competitive

Maxson Sheeter Guarantees High Speeds

Company says twin-knife rotary technology offers accurate dimensions and higher speeds than drop shear equipment

Maxson Sheeters Feature Reject Gate

Gate is said to assure high-speed, jam-free sorting on precision sheeters

Maxson Sheeter Reportedly Allows Higher Speeds

Design of the non-marking delivery system manages sheet flow to prevent stress marks from the stop roller and delivery belts

Maxson Sheeter Comes in Various Configurations

The MSP sheeter is said to transform rolls to precisely dimensioned skids at high speeds

Colter & Peterson Presents Paper Cutter

The Saber X-15 is said to be durable and to offer many features for ease of use and cutting power

Maxson Sheeter Is Suited for Lenticular Plastic

The SDFK sheeter is said to ensure the square, accurate dimensions required by the printing Industry for manufacturers of lenticular plastic

Maxson Sheeter Converts Paper at High Speeds

Unit is said to be compact, operator-friendly, and easy to set up, and it has productivity enhancement options

Maxson Sheeters Offer Continuous Run Feature

Said to enhance productivity safely, continuous run feature allows uninterrupted production as operator changes skids of material

MarquipWardUnited Establishes BW Papersystems

With the acquisition of Körber AG’s Papersystems completed, the Körber companies become part of the newly formed BW Papersystems

MarquipWardUnited Acquires Körber AG’s Papersystems

Company adds E.C.H. Will, Pemco, and Kugler-Womako to enhance its role as a supplier of sheeting and sheet packaging machinery

Maxson Reports Dust Removal Design for Sheeters

Vacuum system applies suction at point of slitting, which is said to ensure cleanly slit sheets

Maxson Adds Slitter Rig to Dual Knife Rotary Sheeters

Design is said to monitor tension of the safety cord constantly across width of slitter rig and to offer operator safety features

Colter & Peterson Launches Sheeter at PRINT 13

A dual rotary knife precision sheeter was the star of the booth, while an agreement with Komori America will add service enhancements to C&P equipment

Maxson Sheeter Suited for Large-Format Digital Presses

With dual-knife rotary technology, sheeter is said to provide dust-free edges and high quality print

North African Converter Invests in New Sheeter

The MarquipWardUnited TSKM sheeter will mainly sheet board at DICAPA

Maxson Sheeter Designed for Low-Volume Work

MSE short-order sheeter will convert rolls to 64 in. wide with compact footprint and dual-motor drive

AZCO Rotary Crush Cutter Is Modular

Cutter, with disposable steel rule die blades and precision bearings, is said to be suited for many types of flexible materials

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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