Leading Contract Slitting Service Provider to Manufacturers

Metlon Corporation provides contract, custom slitting of plastic films, paper, metal foils, impregnated fabrics or laminations of these products. Specializing in extremely narrow widths (down to .008".)  holding very close tolerances to (+ 0.001"), Metlon works closely with manufacturers in every industry imaginable, partnering in their production process, and at times, without ever knowing the end use for the product.

Distinct difference: Flexibility and responsiveness

Metlon designs and builds its machines, having developed and integrated a proprietary slitting technique that consistently maintains precision to meet the stringent requirements of its customers. Metlon’s in-house engineering capabilities enables them to respond quickly to customer demands for unique jobs or fast turnaround.  Processing of R&D projects, short, and year-long continuously running jobs are designed for maximum efficiency. While large jobs are desirable, Metlon also processes orders as small as one 2" X 100 meter roll slit to narrow widths.

President Wayne Etchells explores every facet of the prospect’s job with the customer, whether for R&D projects, a short run or ongoing, continuously running jobs. Extensive experience with unique materials, projects and stringent standards positions Metlon to help customers determine how to slit, wind and package material for maximum efficiency, meaning time and cost-savings for customers.

Metlon built its business and reputation on successfully tackling the challenges of its customers’ ever-changing industries and increased competition, as well as responding to the demand of new materials and technology. Focused on continuous engineering improvement and increased productivity, Metlon works closely with every customer, monitors every aspect of every job, producing consistent quality and performance as well as bottom line results.

Metlon Corporation


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