S-OneLP Thermal Laminator Makes Its Way to Australia

S-One Labels & Packaging announced that it has sold a thermal lamination system to a label and flexible packaging converter in Australia, marking the first such installation in the region.

The converter installed a 30-inch (760-millimeter) Cellcoat T-Series thermal laminator in February to enhance label and flexible packaging jobs coming off its fleet of HP Indigo digital presses.

The converter reportedly uses digital technology to produce self-adhesive labels and has recently entered the flexible packaging market, producing pouches for a range of verticals including the food and beverage, and health and beauty markets.

The company chose the Cellcoat T-30 thermal laminator to create pouches that require zero cure time. Speed to market, flexible run lengths, high-quality and personalized printing are critical to the company’s success.

“T-Series thermal laminators are quite exciting technology for label and flexible packaging companies that want to grow their revenue streams and expand into new markets,” said Gerard Geurts, business development and technical sales, EMEA region, S-OneLP. “The T-Series’ accurate tension control and high-speed capacity make this ideal for digital labels and flexible package printing and converting, especially when speed to market and minimal material waste is crucial.”

The T-Series thermal laminators are reportedly engineered with in-line corona treater, lay-on roller, chill roller, edge alignment, and in-line slitting. The machines are available in widths from 14 inches (350 millimeters) to 43 inches (1,100 millimeters).

S-OneLP is the exclusive distributor of the Cellcoat T-Series thermal lamination systems in North America, EMEA, Australia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

For more information, visit https://sonelp.com.

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