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Increase Profits and Productivity with TAKK Static Control Solutions

Static Control technologies provide tremendous value and benefits toward ensuring optimal productivity and high-quality produced goods. By applying the appropriate static control technologies, businesses involved in printing, paper & film converting can prevent production losses, material waste and personnel hazards associated with uncontrolled static electricity, resulting in maximum production output and profits.

From extrusion and winding of converted films, to printing and binding of products, it would be difficult to find an application where static control technologies have not made a tangible difference in improving operations. TAKK Industries has over 60 years of experience in developing, recommending, and producing solutions for the management of static electricity in industrial processes. TAKK is dedicated to providing the most efficient products to detect and eliminate static. One of TAKK’s most innovative products is the NEOS Series static control eliminators, utilizing a patented Reactive Intelligence process that continually senses the static level and in turn delivers the exact amount of ionization power required to neutralize the static. NEOS Models eliminate static charges at distances up to 60 inches and speeds up to 4500 ft./min without air.

Additionally, TAKK offers a wide range of powerful 24V DC static control models that cover virtually any process of label printing and converting operations.

Incorporating robust built-in power supplies and LED indicators that continuously provide users with local or remote working status of the ionizer bar, these products ensure continuous positive control of static electricity.

TAKK has recently introduced the 3024 Compact and 3024 Ultra DC Static Eliminators. These units are specially designed and suited for both OEM machinery and end-users where there are tight constraints for mounting; especially on digital or conventional label printers, tabletop winders, and other production machinery requiring high performance static elimination in a compact size. The 3024 Ultra and Compact series are also highly suited for narrow labels, webs, sleeves, and tapes.

Static electricity is a hidden yet potent phenomenon that can negatively impact the productivity of manufacturing facilities. However, with the right static control technologies, you can prevent production loss, waste, and personnel hazards. Static controls are proven to lead to higher productivity and profits.

With a full line of static control solutions, and highly experienced technicians, TAKK is prepared to solve any static electricity issue that interferes with production and maximum profit.

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