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New H.B. Fuller Flexible Packaging Adhesive Helps Converters Meet Paa Guidelines Faster and Enhance the Food Safety System

H.B. Fuller announced the latest in the series of Flextra® Fast flexible packaging adhesives by introducing a rapid food compliant, two-part universal performance solventless adhesive. Flextra Fast SF8400/XR1700 is already available in North America.

“More than ever, the safety of food supplies is a matter of global concern. Despite the latest technology, detection tools, safety certifications, regulations, monitoring, and consumer education on food safety, reports about issues in the food system have been on the rise and are affecting this important manufacturing industry. Our new Flextra Fast SF8400/XR1700 will be of interest to all converters looking for a universal system that promotes faster food safety.” said Grant Humbert, flexible packaging research scientist at H.B. Fuller. “The product’s chemistry allows converters to increase efficiency by meeting PAA guidelines quicker. That means you can slit, pouch and ship in one day.”

Features of Flextra Fast SF8400 / XR1700 include:

  • Pouch and zipper/fitment installation in one day;
  • PAA compliant for most structures in as soon as one day;
  • Quick cure and processability time;
  • 40-minute pot life at 105 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • FDA177.1395 (boil-in-bag, microwave reheat, hot fill, boiling sterilization);
  • Excellent long-term metal adhesion and chemical and heat resistance;
  • Good optical appearance, even at high running speeds;
  • Compatible with modern ink systems; and
  • Strong bonding capability to a broad range of films.

“We have several North American customers who have been pleased with their ability to reduce the time they have to hold converted product before it can ship,” added Humbert. “This adhesive technology is a powerful addition to our solventless product line and is the payoff of our strong focus on R&D in Flexible Packaging.”

H.B. Fuller has reportedly been expanding its Flextra flexible packaging adhesive line in recent years and can run full-scale laminations on their Nordmeccanica Combi 3000 laminator at their pilot plant in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota.


For more information, visit https://www.hbfuller.com.

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