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H.B. Fuller to Showcase Consumer Packaging Innovations at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Driving efficiency and sustainability in consumer packaging

H.B. Fuller Company, a leading global adhesives provider, will showcase the many ways in which its broad technology platform is addressing the top efficiency and circularity concerns of brand owners and packaging manufacturers worldwide at PACK EXPO Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center from September 11-13, 2023.

Below is a preview of several of the products and innovations you will have the opportunity to explore at H.B. Fuller Booth 9015:

E-commerce Solutions

H.B. Fuller’s innovative and sustainable e-commerce solutions are tamper-evident, enable easy opening and returns, and minimize packaging materials ─ offering an enhanced customer experience with less transit and protective packaging.

  • Swift® Melt PM7000 delivers excellent bond strength that ensures package integrity throughout the supply chain and across a wide temperature range.
  • Open Sesame® Fiber-Based Tear Tapes enhance the “unboxing experience” by eliminating the need for box-cutting tools; the Tapes are also easily separated during the Old Corrugated Container (OCC) repulping process.
  • Flextra® flexible packaging adhesives reduce packaging waste, resist tears and punctures, and help preserve perishables through the control of moisture, air and light.
  • FullVision®, the company’s proprietary software that analyzes end-of-line packaging data to improve product quality and plant productivity, ensures each box uses the right amount of adhesive.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

H.B. Fuller will also showcase a wide range of technologies made with renewable and biobased materials, enabling customers to improve their products and processes through solutions that help them achieve their sustainability goals:

  • Reduce carbon footprint throughout the supply chain by lowering the packaging weight with reinforcement solutions, decreasing stretch wrap usage, minimizing packaging-to-product ratio and reducing food waste
  • Reuse corrugated boxes with help from Open-Sesame® tape technology. This product supports shipper-to-display box designs — two functions in one sustainable package.
  • Recycle packaging with a new caustic washable adhesive solution to bond HDPE or paper label to PET packages
  • Renew materials with bio-based flexible packaging, adhesives that support biodegradable flexible packaging, reinforcement tapes for repulpable packaging, and hot melt adhesives that contain bio-products
  • Return bottles made with Earthic™ washable water-based adhesives and easy returnable packaging design with Close Sesame™ system

Learn more about H.B. Fuller adhesives and the company’s global packaging capabilities at Booth 9015 or www.hbfuller.com.

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