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Stop Pulp and Paper Industry Circuit Board Corrosion

Anti-corrosion compound developed for the U.S. militaryprotects against even airborne corrosion accelerators

To produce various products at high-volume, pulp and paper mills rely on circuit boards and electronics to precisely and efficiently control the process from the receipt of raw materials onward. To fight corrosion in these components, the pulp and paper industry is turning to a unique military grade compound called StrikeHold® that works as an anti-corrosion protectant, cleaner and lubricant.

The compound prevents corrosion and electrolysis when applied to systems. The micro barrier that it forms on components is so complete that an electrical charge cannot be passed from the metal into water. It also improves the continuity of the connection when applied to both conductors of a circuit.

As an anti-corrosive protectant, it sprays on or applies wet and dries in place. A nano film coating protects equipment against the effects of corrosion and moisture while repelling corrosive airborne particles, dust, and dirt. The durable coating is not visible to the eye when it dries and can be reapplied as needed.

The protectant is designed to waterproof components as well as dry out wet gear and water-sensitive parts. Because it has a specific gravity greater than water (1.3 vs. 1.0 for water), when applied to a wet surface it penetrates to the hard exterior, pushes water from the surface and coats the area.

For more information, visit www.strikehold.com/pages/industrial.

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