Prepack Thailand Chooses Vetaphone Corona

One of Thailand’s leading suppliers of flexible packaging, Prepack, has installed Vetaphone Corona technology on its two extrusion lines located in Amphawa Samutsongkram, some 100km south-west of the capital Bangkok.  In addition to extrusion, Prepack has gravure and flexo print capabilities, as well as solvent-based lamination and forming.

“We are located close to the sea and there is always a high level of salt in the air, which added to the humidity levels that we experience in southern Thailand creates a perfect environment for corrosion.  This was having a disruptive effect on production and creating high levels of waste.” said Veraphan Thiampu, production manager of 20 years at the plant.

Disappointed that it was incurring such issues other brands of Corona treaters, Prepack made contact with Techno Global Graphics, who represent Vetaphone in Thailand.  The result was the replacement of the existing surface treatment unit on one of its extruders with Vetaphone VE2B station, and after twelve months of satisfactory performance, the replacement of the treater on the other extruder with a Vetaphone VE2C unit.  The B station is 1.8m wide and runs at 90m/min with a 6kW (2 x 3) capacity.  The C station is 1.6m wide and runs at 80m/min.  It has an 8kW capacity and is fitted with a larger backing roller – both Vetaphone units are for double-sided treatment.

“There has been a big difference since we installed the Vetaphone units – performance is consistent and the regular maintenance requirements are easy to complete.  Our investment in their technology has proved to be very good value for money,” Thiampu said, explaining that Prepack now operates a double-shift work pattern for its 500 staff at the plant. 

“We are delighted to be the preferred supplier of surface treatment technology to such a leading packaging manufacturer as Prepack Thailand.  It proves that the design and manufacturing quality of our product allows it to perform in the harshest of production environments, and we look to continuing this successful business partnership,” said Finn Hinze, area sales manager for the APACME region.

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