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Toray Plastics (America) Announces Expansion

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI | Toray Plastics (America), manufacturer of polypropylene, polyester, metallized, and bio-based films, has begun construction on a new, 28,800-sq-ft facility designed to house a new, high-speed, 4.5-m metallizer. The construction is expected to be completed by December 2016. Production of the new metallizer will commence in 2017. 


"The addition of this advanced metallizer is part of a multi-year strategic plan to expand and automate production capabilities in order to support our customers' growing demand and maintain our position as the highest-quality, lowest-cost metallizer in North America," says Christopher Roy, VP and general manager of the Torayfan Division. "This important expansion is another example of Toray's commitment to technological innovation in both the OPP and PET marketplaces."

"We are in business for one reason: to serve our customers," says Mike Brandmeier, president and CEO. "It's an exciting time for them, and we are committed to supporting their growth."

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