Bobst Metallizer Working Well at Oben Plant

HEYWOOD, UK | Bobst Manchester reports that Oben Holding Group has had a smooth startup of the K5000 wide web metallizer at its new greenfield plant in El Salvador. Reportedly, the decision to purchase the new machine for OPP El Salvador was based on the company’s strategy to serve locally the growing Central American market for food packaging and also to get a step closer to the North American market.

The 4450-mm machine will work in parallel with two 8.7-m BOPP film lines. Approximately 25% of the BOPP film produced will be metallized by the K5000; this works out at 15,000 tonnes/yr. The new machine has the first 4450-mm wide Plasma Pre-treater, a new development said to enable improved metal adhesion and barrier enhancement properties with an up to 30% improvement on WVTR.

Erik Sosa, technical director at Oben Group, says, “We wanted to purchase a new metallizer which would maximize the efficiency of our two 8.7 BOPP film lines by producing metallized film at maximum output with minimum waste and at a reduced cost. We decided to purchase from Bobst, as we have already achieved fantastic efficiency with the previous [Bobst] metallizer, which is installed in the Peru plant. The metallizer at El Salvador has exceeded our expectations in terms of efficiency, as we have 95% base film utilization which is the best result out of all the metallizers we have throughout the Oben Group.”

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