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SVC Foundation Offers Technical Scholarship

ALBUQUERQUE, NM | The Society of Vacuum Coaters reports that its scholarship fund, the Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation, is entering its 15th year. Since inception, the foundation has issued scholarships and travel awards totaling more than $250,000 to students from 22 countries around the world. The organization is now introducing a new “Technical” scholarship for 2018 intended to further the education of those already practicing vacuum coating technologies.

The SVC Foundation will award several scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 in early 2018 for the 2018–2019 academic years. The scholarship is open to any student currently enrolled or entering an accredited academic program related to the vacuum coating technology field, including chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, physics, and related subjects. Preference is given to students who are expressly interested in vacuum coating technology and currently engaged in studies and research relating to vacuum coatings. SVC members whose children or relatives are pursuing studies related to vacuum science are also encouraged to apply. Even students that have received past awards may seek an additional scholarship.

This new scholarship for 2018 is offered to anyone already working in the field of vacuum coating technology. It is intended to help further the education of technical staff by providing for books, travel, and tuition for educational classes in the field.

The deadline for applications is December 1. Materials must arrive at SVC Foundation by December 8th. Applications and additional information are available online at the SVC Foundation website.

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