Amacoil Drive Nut Offers Backlash-Free Linear Motion

 ASTON, PA | Amacoil offers the Amacoil-Uhing Model RS4 drive nut as a design alternative to screw-based linear drive systems. Provides backlash-free linear motion and simplifies changes to linear pitch. The linear pitch of an RS4 nut is factory-set at one of five different linear pitch settings. Pitch wedges between the drive bearings hold them at a specific angle relative to shaft. This angle determines the linear pitch. Changing pitch is simply a matter of replacing the pitch wedges with a different set of wedges.

The smooth, backlash-free linear motion provided by RS4 nuts is achieved by specially machined rolling ring bearings which are in constant single-point contact with the drive shaft, even during reversal. This assures that any rotational movement of the shaft is transferred smoothly and without play from shaft to bearings.