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Safety Chuck Modules Offered

ShaftLok safety chuck modules are available with skew, lateral, and skew and lateral (combined) adjustments. Modules, said to be well suited for applications requiring easy, quick installation of unwind or rewind stations, come complete with air shafts and brakes or clutches, mounted.

Stability for Presses

Company has opened its Print Standardizer to all of X-Rite's automatic scanning technology. Implementing the program is said simple and fast and guarantees standards for every job. Reportedly gives offset presses high stability, ensures they work at maximum capacity, and delivers results that are compliant with applicable international standards.

Chucks Have Safety Features

Auto-locking safety chucks self-close to secure chucked shafts regardless of rotational direction. Operator safety is enhanced by easy-to-operate, tilt-and-lock safety shields. Rugged shields protect bearings from dirt and debris. Chucks fit all winding applications and are available in a wide range of sizes, sockets, and shapes.

Detect Leaks in Real Time

The M-1075-Y Mass Flow Leak Detector has a touchscreen with simple and intuitive menu-driven operator controls. Embedded web pages allow managers to monitor and access operations remotely, including interactive test parameter updates. Offers real-time display of all leak test stages and data storage in buffer for up to 1,000 test records. Ethernet-connectivity makes integration into existing factory networks or enterprise solutions seamless, company says.

Holographic Foil Has Continuous Design

Laser Seamless holographic hot stamping foil features a glittering rainbow color play for print decoration. Foil is characterized by its continuous design that is not disrupted by shim lines or color transitions. Said to offer the same gloss level and equally brilliant holographic effects as its predecessors. The homogeneous holographic image produced also is highly suitable for overprinting.

Clean Lines Safely

Purgex 461 Plus commercial purging compound is designed to clean blown film and sheet lines. Said to result in shorter cleaning cycles, lower purging material costs, and greater reliability in controlling the release of contaminants during production runs. Active ingredients are nontoxic, nonabrasive, and safe.

Dispense Tacky Materials

Model 775 spool dispensing valve reportedly handles tacky materials with ease. Features an adjustable and lockable suck-back control that increases accuracy and repeatability. Assures stringless dispensing of tackier materials and prevents droplets from remaining on the dispense nozzle when using low viscosity materials.

Shaft Collars Are Precision-Machined

Company offers a full line of standard and custom threaded one- and two-piece clamp-type shaft collars for mounting on shafts having UNC, UNF, and Acme threads. Collars are available from stock in steel with a black oxide finish and stainless steel. Precision-machined threaded collars are nonmarring, easy to adjust, and have high axial holding power, says company, and are suitable for use as locators, stops, and accessory mounts.

Lightweight Material Cuts Costs

FeatherWeight Film offers a reduction in weight of 25%-50% compared to traditional liners, company says, and provides sustainability advantages in cereal, snack, baking mix, and other high-barrier applications. Also said to use less plastic resin, energy, and landfill space. Offers savings in freight and reduces operations costs due to fewer roll changes. Said to provide outstanding machinability and puncture resistance and to deliver an easy-open seal and high clarity to reveal the product inside.

Models in 3-D

Company's line of models is drawn in 3-D solid drawing format. Drawings are available for customer use in a STEP format so they can be used universally in various computer-modeling programs. Each machine is available in three configurations: fully extended, fully retracted, and marking head oriented 90 deg to stroke direction.

Guide Web Inside a Vacuum

The HFV Series linear actuator is said to provide a simplified solution for guiding the web inside a vacuum chamber. Designed to retrofit easily with customer's existing vacuum chamber, unit features a conical or straight flange for intermediate web guides or unwind/rewind web guides, making it easily suitable to fit on a variety of vacuum chambers. Company says features ensure efficiency and versatility.

Laminating Film for PVC Stocks

PVC Card laminating film, part of company's SuperStick film line, is designed to adhere to standard PVC stocks. Film is said to offer a clear, permanent surface with outstanding optical properties such as a glass-smooth finish. It is available with mag striping, writable matte surfaces, thermally printable surfaces, and it can be embossed.

Microscope Shows Critical Details

Micro Dottie 2 is a USB, CMYK/spot color contrasting video microscope with digital micrometer for critical viewing, analysis, and PC image capture. Featuring 40x magnification, unit is said to provide an excellent overall view of register marks, coating and printing defects, or small mechanical or electrical components. At 140x magnification, the finest halftone dot details are clearly visible across the 0.yyy in. (mm) field of view, while trapping deficiency, ink defects, and coating artifacts are identified easily for correction.

Active Packaging Suited For Wet or Dry

New addition to the Freshness Plus line of active packaging materials reportedly yields superior oxygen protection by incorporating scavenging material into the barrier layer of film. Film can be used with existing equipment because it does not require an activation step. Well suited for oxygen-sensitive products and products with a long shelf life, films do not require moisture to activate the scavenging reaction and are equally effective with wet or dry products.

Stencil Materials

Two new stencil materials are offered. Ultra-Cut II is a semi-rigid, general-purpose choice claimed economical and conforms easily to curved or irregular surfaces. Oil boards can be replaced with Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut 10-mil, 0.010-in.-thick, semi-rigid coated PE material. This nonadhesive material is adhered to a natural kraft backing with a removable adhesive and is designed for applications of characters ½ in. and larger.

Sensors Are Cost-Effective

The FADK 14 Pulsed Red LED sensor offers resolutions of 0.1-1 mm at a sensing range of 50-400 mm. Company says cost-effective sensors deliver accurate measurements regardless of the substrate material or the color of the target object, and measurement accuracy is not affected by strong ambient light up to 25 kLux.

Reduce Makeready Waste

TAPS is described as an easy-to-use, high-performing feature providing a totally reliable pre-register system that reduces waste at makeready and changeover in gravure printing of flexible materials. Cylinders can be inserted in the press in any angular position through a single control touch. TAPS starts the press, moves all the cylinders in register position, and switches the register control into automatic mode.

Weigh New Versus Retrofit

Company offers Spartanics-Systec for printers trying to weigh the costs versus benefits of buying new systems or retrofitting older screen print technology with updated components. Includes detailed cost-comparison assessments. Service either can rebuild older systems with modern components or provide newer systems loaded with advanced electronic controls and servo drive technology.

Get Measurement Options

Expanded measurement options on the HAAKE CaBER extensional rheometer make it possible to quantify the extensional properties of fluids using normal force measurement. Physical effects such as surface tension, elasticity, viscosity, and mass transfer determine the extensional flow and can be quantified using model fitting analysis.

Manage More Profitably

Upgrades to company's Nucleus business management solution are said to allow users to manage their businesses better and increase their profits. New programs include enhanced menus and dashboards; e-Commerce; customer relations module; proof tracking; and scheduling.

Move Heavy Loads

The T-handled cordless CartMover reportedly maximizes control, maneuverability, and operator comfort while moving heavy loads on wheels safely and securely. Dual hand grips with protective guarding and built-in throttle allow for two-handed operation and greater control over steering and maneuverability. A push-pin at the base of the unit easily locks the T-handle at a steeper angle for operation in tight quarters.

Reduce Curing Time

CurePrime technology is said to reduce curing time significantly for converters using two-component urethanes for adhesive laminations. This water-based primer and adhesion promoter can be applied to plain and printed films prior to the adhesive lamination process. The adhesive cures up to 5x times faster than normal, company says, resulting in improved productivity, quality determination within hours after lamination, and fewer interactions between adhesives and inks.

Handle, Store Sleeves

The Revolver sleeve handling and storage system allows sleeves to be transferred easily from the printing press to the cleaning equipment and then to the warehouse, through proper devices aimed at avoiding damage and guaranteeing the greatest care. Also reportedly leads to a more efficient storage organization of printing equipment and to higher production quality.

Film for Balloons

LumLife film enables balloon converters to create brilliant, printable, metallized polyester balloons that do not stress crack and maintain seal integrity during the manufacturing process, company says. Balloons also are said to offer extended float life because of film's superior barrier capabilities and reduced density.

Manage Data with Upgraded Software

EZ-Lab 3.0 data management software interfaces with entire line of load cell-based testing platforms. Upgraded software is said to be a simple, intuitive way to get more out of testing equipment. Provides test data results in report-ready format, offering powerful statistical analysis and reporting capabilities on any Microsoft Windows-based PC. Data is graphed automatically upon test completion. Up to 99 tests can be tabulated for statistical analysis.

Heat Transfer Line Expands

The M2 metal fiber replacement emitter expands on company's line of heat transfer products. Utilizes high-temperature alloy screen; low-density screens for faster heatup and cooldown; and medium wavelength for powerful and penetrating heat transfer. Suited for many applications, unit is said to be compact and to have a solid design.

Press Has Linear Drives, Motors

Converting Technology's FlexoElite Series flexographic printing press is equipped with patented Linearset Positioning System that utilizes linear motor technology for print deck movement as well as printing cylinder and anilox roller positioning. Provides precision positioning within 0.1 micron, reduced dot gain, and reduced print overpressure. A new generation carbon fiber doctor blade offers increased efficiency and higher speed from company's closed chamber design. Easylock is said to simplify sleeve changeover for job changes in less than 2 min. No moving print deck parts on the operator's side allows print cylinder, base, and roller sleeve changes during operation. Available in eight and ten colors with repeats of 32 in., 40 in., and 48 in. Web widths range from 40-80 in.

Power Supply Is Improved

New power supply designs are said to reduce costs and improve productivity. Menu-drive screens guide operation; optional network connectivity supports multiple protocols; and standard fault logging and station diagnostics make troubleshooting easier.

Scanners Profile In Real Time

The Profile Video Display System includes the MCT-300 NIR transmitter; automated scanning frame; and PC with PVDS scanner software. Transmitter, which can be configured to measure moisture, coat weight, or film thickness, is mounted on PSC scanner and is moved automatically across the web. Two scanners can be controlled simultaneously with up to six web profiles displayed in real time.

Additive Is Green

Oxo-biodegradable additive is a thermo oxidative additive system for polyolefins. In a compost environment, the present temperature and oxygen will initiate the molecular breakdown of the polymer. Said to have no negative or toxic effect on the created fumes. Offers downgauging at same mechanical properties, especially for film products, lids, pouches, etc., versus aluminum.

Control Color Remotely

Company offers KeyColor C remote ink control desk and the KeyColor S controller for smaller presses, as well as the KeyColor Apollo color measurement and web inspection technology that provides continuous closed loop color control and defect detection. Apollo is said to be retrofit easily to most offset printing presses. New KeyColor Adelphi software utilizes the output of CTP to preset ink fountain keys and reduce setup costs on presses with non-EPG ink control systems.

Bright Light for Measuring

The Check•Line DS-2000LED hand-held stroboscope combines flash brightness with a measuring range of 30-300,000 fpm. Said to provide high light output with seven super-bright LEDs mounted in a precision-machined aluminum head with optimized optics.

Inspect in Detail

The Inspec XL 14 high-resolution vision inspection station offers 14.7 megapixel resolution, allowing users to capture images automatically for detailed inspection. For comparing incoming materials, software systems analyze and compare the images to reveal any defects in seconds. Reportedly, the system combines speed and efficiency with ease of use and a powerful, proven image comparison algorithm.

Laser Cutting for Many Materials

The Golden Laser line offers what are said to be affordable, entry-level alternatives for cutting and marking of many products. Processes that traditionally have required 1-2 min now can be accomplished in a matter of seconds, company says. Line offers several configurations of two models: the LyraLight and the Inspire. Both are available to accommodate a wide range of material thicknesses, applications, and budgets.

Plugs Protect Rolls

Plastic core plugs to protect and dispense roll products are available in various weights in both flanged and flangeless styles. Flangeless plugs allow rolls to be set on end or stacked on each other without core plug interference. Flanged plugs commonly are used for holding header boards on the ends of rolls. Plugs feature thick ribs for added protection.

Papers Are Recyclable

Ultra Digital Green 100% Recycled Papers for HP Indigo presses are FSC certified and made from 100% post-consumer waste fibers. They are Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF), Process Chlorine-Free (PCF), acid-free, lignin-free, and archival. Uncoated papers reportedly are well suited for a variety of applications and compatible with a wide variety of finishing processes, including folding, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, and foil stamping.

Adhesive Suited for Food Packaging

WizBond water-based laminating and glued lap adhesive meets regulatory requirements for food packaging. Said to adhere aggressively to paper, paperboard, and most coated stock surfaces, with excellent resistance properties and machining characteristics.

Films Designed for Touchscreen Displays

Invisible ITO and Low Color b ITO polyester films are for touchscreens. Invisible ITO is said to minimize or eliminate obvious signs of etching while creating a smooth appearance. Negative b ITO provides a neutral to bluish appearance and is said to help eliminate yellow color in some applications.

Clean Quickly, Gently

Washing unit for narrow and mid-web industries is fully automatic and features a belt conveyer for easy and continuous loading of plates and moving brushes. Company says cleaning process is quick and gentle, and unit will clean all ink types with no wear or tear on plates.

Control Dust

The Gold Series GS4M Mini dust collector controls emissions from small airflow applications to 2,000 cfm. Said to incorporate the best features of company's premium Gold Series cartridge collectors, including rugged construction, durability, high filtration efficiency and ease of service, in a compact and competitively priced unit.

Die-Cut Light Papers

The Commercial 106 Autoplaten die-cutter for lightweight papers can run materials from 0.004-0.160 in. thick. This includes a wide range of paper, solid board, and even microflute corrugated paperboard. A built-in stripping station eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand stripping of the finished die-cuts. Runs sheets to 41¨ú by 29¨û in. Has a top speed of 7,700 sheets/hr. Able to register sheets from both sides.

Roll Stand Is Flexible

The XP Express roll stand system, available in PS (packaging sheet) and CS (custom sheet) models, is suited for processes involving PP, APET, and PS for products used in the beverage and prepared-food distribution markets. It also is equipped for extrusion processes involving EVA, TPA, and vinyl acetate copolymers for solar energy applications. For barrier structures, system is said to be effective at processing sheet with more than 100 layers, using layer multipliers for microlayer composites.

Combo Equipment Offered

Company offers both the Ball Bearing Suspension and the EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling together on select viscometers and rheometers, both new or as a retrofit. The EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling allows technicians to attach/detach spindles quickly and easily in busy laboratory environments, improving productivity. The Ball Bearing Suspension provides extended durability for instruments that experience heavy use, multiple operators, or dusty and dirty work environments. Company says it can help keep instruments calibrated for longer periods of use, minimizing downtime.

Coating Resists Heat

AquaCote 1098 water-based, heat-resistant coating is called ideal for applications requiring heat release without the use of silicones. Also can be used as a clear topcoat or print primer to improve printability on foil; for heat-formed paper plate applications; or for topcoats on foil lidding stock.

Control Temps

The digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) Cabinet Cooler system keeps electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Solid state circuitry detects the slightest change in temperature. Models for 120 VAC or 240 VAC are available.

Melt Units for PUR

PUR melt units for the delivery of PUR hot melt feature a locking lid assembly and nitrogen or dry air kit. Units are available with 16-L or 30-L capacity, multiple gear pumps, and up to six hose/gun outputs. They can be used with a range of standard hoses and typically are used with zero cavity or ME series hot melt valves and short engagement nozzles.

Rollers Run Cooler

Company now offers high-speed web- and sheet-fed press rollers made with the Jomac Web Red compound from Afton. Reportedly, rollers made with this compound run cooler, last longer, and produce more consistent images.

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