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Die-Cut, Slit With Many Features

The DLI Series for die-cutting, slitting, and rewinding features an eDrive web transport system; controlled acceleration/deceleration; auto stop and roll

Hybrid Machine Is Servo Driven

The Flexor 380C+ Jumbo is a 380-mm-wide hybrid machine for slitting, rewinding, die-cutting, and inspecting. Features a separate unwind for 40-in. rolls

Knife Hits High Cycle Rates

The Smartknife is said to bridge the gap between a conventional guillotine and a rotary knife assembly. Pneumatically operated with a self-contained air

Die-Cut & Emboss Folders

The AutoClam die-cuts and combo-embosses pocket folders in one pass with no nicks for a wide range of materials with varying sheet sizes and thicknesses.

Die-Cut All Types Of Labels

The Omet MonoTwin-Cut die-cutting device uses a single magnetic cylinder for all label sizes. The precision of its cut-to-print register and production

New Digital Show Coming

CHICAGO, IL | April 7-9, 2011, will mark the premiere of digi:media, the trade fair for commercial publishing and digital printing, including packaging,

Green Packages To Compete

CHICAGO, IL | Summit Publishing is calling for entries to its 2010 Greener Package Awards. The competition celebrates [the] ability to weave sustainable

Diagraph Buys Laser Cutter

Unit allows trade house to economically process small quantity label jobs.

Diagraph Buys Laser Cutter

AB Graphic Intl. reports the sale of its first new series SabreXtreme laser label cutter to Cleveland-based Diagraph of Northern Ohio

Save Blade Changeover Time

Refined design of patented rotary perforator unit allows for pre-setting of a replacement blade off-line while machine is running production with the

Cut Ultrasonically

The Cut'n'Seal process uses ultrasonic energy to cut or punch out a range of thermoplastic and synthetic materials, while at the same time sealing the

Die-Cut Many Products

The 15-in. tabletop model of company's Cleen-Cut flatbed die-cutter is built to handle a variety of products, including corrugated and paper products,

Punching Modules Ensure Registration

Small-hole rotary punching modules are said to be ideal for tear-off perforations. With hole diameters of 0.035 in. and the capability to produce 7,400

Dies Last Longer

Diamond and Black Diamond coatings for company's Flexible Die products are said to increase the hardness of flexible dies to a level not measured by the

Clean CO2 Lenses

The LRO Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit was created for CO2 optics to extend the working life of lenses and improve laser performance and efficiency. Proper

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