Poly-Pak Industries, Inc. Invests in a Second SOMA Flexo Press

SOMA recently announces that Poly-Pak Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of an array of packaging products, has invested in a new SOMA OPTIMA2 eight-color flexo press, the first in the U. S. It will be used in addition to the existing presses the company has on site--including a SOMA Premia flexo press installed two years ago.

“Our SOMA Premia flexo press has brought Poly-Pak’s quality and productivity capabilities to a level equal to anyone in the marketplace,” said David Perelstein, Poly-Pak technical manager. “We will now have the ability to utilize the most recent flexo advancements with our new SOMA OPTIMA2 press. SOMA’s technical R&D brings Poly-Pak access to leading edge flexo innovations. Poly-Pak also appreciates the flawless service support from SOMA. They offer the support we need to keep production virtually faultless.”

The Optima2 Press is the culmination of the latest advances in flexo press technology and design. Optima2 presses are fitted with an Advanced Bounce Control System. Decks with print and anilox cylinders are designed with emphasis on rigidity, precision and reliability. The press can reliably and consistently hold highlight dots with perfect registration and minimize bounces at high speeds. This is particularly important as it helps to maintain job consistency — especially when using HD plates or when printing with an extended gamut. It can also assure that the press can hold registration.

With the ARUN system the registration and impression is adjusted automatically without any operator effort. The result is that jobs get up to speed faster and there is basically zero feet of setup waste.

Poly-Pak Industries, Inc. intends to install the new OPTIMA2 flexo press during the second half of 2019.

For more information, visit www.soma-eng.com.