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First Complete Remote Installation of a Comexi Laminator During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, has remotely installed multiple machines in response to the increased production of its customers. Recently, the company successfully completed the first remote installation of a Comexi SL3 solventless laminator, sold by Eduardo Loìpez, a Comexi agent, at the Plaìsticos Correa plant in Medelliìn (Colombia).

Throughout the assembly of this new laminator, the distance between the headquarters of Plaìsticos Correa and the facilities of Comexi in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona) was not an obstacle. Mostly, this is a result of the collaboration between the various parties involved, particularly those responsible for sales and projects, which includes the local technical manager, Nelson Gamboa and, above all, the client.

The plant manager, Ricardo Posada, explains that Plaìsticos Correa acquired the Comexi SL3 laminator “to produce a variety of laminated containers, principally for the food industry, as well as for the production of a 100 percent polyolefin pouch, which can be recycled with traditional machines.”

Access facilitation and the handling of machines have always been a priority for Comexi: the objective is to make the lives of operators and customers as uncomplicated as possible. In regard to laminators, this is possible due to an extremely user-friendly interface and a very intuitive recipe system for storing production.  Over the past few years, this has been especially helpful in optimizing customer production, although recently, during COVID-19, it has been key to remote commissioning. In many of these instances, the client must perform part of the initial tasks of the machine without having previously used it. Contrary to expectations, and due to the easy use of laminators, the result of this is not traumatic.

During this difficult time, Plaìsticos Correa has reportedly decided to increase its installed base by way of a Comexi SL3 laminator, allowing the company to perform a wide variety of jobs with a very compact laminator. The Colombian company is dedicated to the development of flexible packaging, primarily for the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

The Comexi SL3 could be an ideal flexible packaging laminator designed for converters starting out or already performing a large amount of work which does not require high voltage. Reportedly efficient and compact, it has a very intuitive user interface, making it much easier for operators to use.

For more information, visit https://comexi.com.