Spinnaker Coating Partners with Neenah Performance Materials to Launch ENDURA Inkjet Durable Paper

Spinnaker Coating, LLC, a manufacturer and industry-leading service provider of pressure sensitive paper and film products for the printing industry, introduces ENDURA® Inkjet Durable Paper to its water-based inkjet product line.

“Spinnaker is thrilled to have partnered with Neenah to launch this new product,” said Joel Ulrich, roll product marketing manager. “The features and performance of the product makes ENDURA® a great addition to our expanding inkjet and durable portfolios.”

ENDURA Inkjet Durable Paper is a saturated and coated paper facestock that reportedly offers the high durability and chemical resistance that might be expected from a film facestock. This product reportedly offers exceptional printability via flexo and water-based inkjet platforms. Combined with Spinnaker’s C-122F™, drum label adhesive, this product has been approved for BS5609 Section 2 and Section 3.

“Neenah Performance Materials is excited to launch the ENDURA® Inkjet durable paper in tandem with Spinnaker Coating. Their engagement and commitment to providing their customers with innovative solutions, combined with their expertise in pressure sensitive adhesive coatings for paper, make them a fantastic partner for this launch,” said Kelli Clark, product manager for Neenah.

For more information, visit www.spinps.com.