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Unscramble and Accumulation with Binary Rotary Tables

Multi-Conveyor recently built both an unscrambling rotary table and an accumulation rotary table which are connected by a 30-foot basic plastic straight running chain conveyor in this semi-automated conveyance application.

The first mild-steel constructed rotary accepts bulk, random hand-loaded glass containers that sweep through two deflector arms. These flexible arms gently control the cluster of individual products into single file, then onto the mat top conveyor chain.

During the 30-foot straight chain, labels are applied by the customer’s press-on labeler before discharging onto the accumulation table where an attached staging shelf assists manual hand-packing into cases.

Stainless steel rotary top discs feed the guided, seamless transfers that are positioned at both the unscrambler discharge and accumulation table entrance.

Unscramble style rotaries are a simple, cost-effective way to transfer bulk product to one-lane single-file conveyance. Rotary accumulation tables are supplied with an enclosed cabinet and typically variable speed controls, using either DC or VFD controllers. Multi-Conveyor’s standard rotary table sizes are 36 inches, 48 inches and 60 inches in diameter. Custom sizes are reviewed upon request.

For more information, visit https://www.multi-conveyor.com.