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Maxcess Launches Powerful 100% Vision Inspection and Workflow Automation Solutions

VisionMax and VisionConnect automate a customer’s process line to find defects before they become critical and costly, reducing scrap while improving productivity

Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for web handling applications, today unveiled VisionMax and VisionConnect, powerful 100 percent vision inspection and automation tools that reduce scrap, customer claims and rework, while improving productivity.

“In today’s converting environment, with unprecedented material and labor shortages, it is crucial to be able to run your process line as efficiently as possible by automating the process and removing defects before they become critical, which can cause significant material waste and expensive rework,” said Conor O’Neil, Business Development Manager for Maxcess Vision Systems.“Our new line of 100 percent vision inspection and workflow automation solutions for wide-web applications feature industry-leading price performance, an easy operator interface and advanced workflow automation software for smart converting, giving customers the ability to deliver defect-free material to their customers. Backed by the global service and support network of Maxcess, doing business where you do business, customers can trust that their investment will be supported for years to come.”

Featuring high-definition cameras, advanced lighting, a high-resolution touchscreen operator interface and advanced out-of-the box 100 percent inspection software, VisionMax is a flexible tool that can be used in both surface and print inspection applications, finding key defects like insects, gels, carbons, color problems, streaks, drags, roller marks and more, alerting operators before they become costly. VisionConnect is an advanced workflow automation software suite, which allows operators to automatically control process lines and slitters to physically remove defects with as little waste as possible.

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