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Nordmeccanica, a story of instinct, innovation and growth

Incorporated in 1977 with over 45 years of uninterrupted service to the industry Nordmeccanica represents a unique case in our industry.  Providing the product line of innovative coating and laminators, featuring virtually every innovation brought to the industry since then. The entire list of “first” and patents will be too long to express but it is sufficient to mention just a few of them to give an idea of its contribution: solvent less laminators, 3-ply laminators, 5 rollers coating head, Labo machines, Meter Mixing dispensers, Horizontal ovens, up to the “One Shot” concept released in the Duplex and Triplex configuration.

The evolution from a boutique shop, as Nordmeccanica qualified through the late 90s serving a small range of top converters mainly in Europe, to the largest manufacturer of coating, laminating and metallizing machinery, with an organization that covers the entire globe with service locations and sales offices. A yearly sales exceeding the 100 million euros line with 270-300 new installations. All of this is the result of the vision of Antonio Cerciello, the President and CEO. The initiator of a family business that is projected into the future through the efforts of his two sons. Both solid of 20 plus years of experience in our industry, deeply involved into the day-by-day and well projected into the future.

Currently Nordmeccanica keeps being involved into the continued evolution of the product line looking into the all-times guideline that informed every new release: integration, quality, safety, productivity, service. This is a non-stop effort. The one that allowed for the unique growth and the consolidation of the largest customer base in our industry. Integration and service go hand in hand. Since day one every product has been designed to allow for an efficient service by means of top of the industry components and the integration around them. The partnership with industry leaders in chemistry and electronics has helped the evolution of the product line. The current example is the participation of Nordmeccanica into the 3 largest cooperations in our industry targeting innovative packaging through recyclability. The most recent example was the mono-material pouch presented at K show in Dusseldorf and Pack Expo Chicago past October.