Zip-Pak Opens Packaging Lab in Brazil


MANTENO, IL | Zip-Pak, provider of resealable zipper technology, has announced the opening of a packaging lab and showroom at its Brazil facility located in Cabreúva, São Paulo.

The lab is designed to provide visiting regional brands based in South America a first-hand experience of resealable solutions for a variety of flexible consumer packaging formats. The showroom is interactive by design, allowing visitors to touch and experience the functionality of a wide variety of Zip-Pak resealing solutions, representative of the company’s full range of regional and global capabilities. The lab’s capabilities include prototype production, with the means to provide owners, converters, and OEMs customers a formed and decorated pouch complete with a resealable closure.

The resources made available through the Zip-Pak Brazil packaging lab are “uncommon to the region,” says Flavio Zampirolli, field service engineer for Zip-Pak Brazil. “Customers can send us their film, and we can quickly produce a functional prototype with branded decorating, resulting in a virtually ‘shelf-ready’ sample. Looking at a computer rendering or flat artwork just does not compare to holding a formed and decorated zippered pouch, Once customers see the zipper integrated into (or alternate language that's more purposeful than "affixed") their packaging, the advantages of using a resealable closure become fully apparent.”

Zampirolli adds, “The market for resealable bags in Brazil and throughout Latin America is growing rapidly. Regional consumers are demonstrating a preference for brands marketed in recloseable packaging, and regional brands and suppliers are actively looking for resources to meet growing demand. Our packaging lab represents an important first step toward understanding the possibilities, and ultimately realizing the benefits of resealable packaging.”

The company reports it is making additional investments to expand capacity at the Brazil facility in 2015.

Zip-Pak Brazil will be exhibiting at Fispal Tecnologia 2015, June 23–26, at the Anhembi Show Pavilion in São Paulo, Brazil.

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