Glenroy Inc. Formally Announces Company Sustainability Initiative

Glenroy™ Inc., a converter and printer of flexible packaging for over 50 years, formally announced its sustainability initiative with a dedicated website. The new page features the company’s environmental responsibility with a focus on air emissions control, energy conservation, and recycling initiatives.

For decades, Glenroy has reportedly dedicated time to preserving the environment. With a culture that promotes continuous improvement, environmental awareness is one of the areas where the organization has made great strides.

Over the last 30 years it has reportedly captured 98 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reduced energy usage nearly 30 percent, and kept more than 3 million pounds of material out of landfills annually.

“The team at Glenroy is committed to developing products that are better for the environment and producing them in a responsible manner,” said Tom Danneker, president and CEO, Glenroy. “We are dedicating significant resources to sustainable packaging solutions while striving to ensure that our operations have as little environmental impact as possible within our community. Doing our part to reduce emissions, energy use and waste will continue to be one of our top priorities at Glenroy.” 

Glenroy has a team of dedicated professionals looking for new ways to reduce impact on the environment by implementing operations and procedures that preserve air quality, reduce energy use and landfill waste, and create a better living and working environment for the community.

“As a part of the flexible packaging industry, we are focused more than ever on delivering sustainable packaging solutions for our customers and retailers. Glenroy recognizes the importance of continuous improvement on how flexible packaging impacts our environment and the role it plays in the circular economy,” said Steve Nichols, vice president of sales and marketing, Glenroy. “Our lightweight packaging solutions offer an eco-friendly impact compared to alternative package formats while still providing critical product protection.”

In addition to Glenroy’s sustainable operations commitment, the company reportedly has a development pipeline of sustainable packaging innovations that will be added to their product portfolio and announced as they become available.

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