Stronger Focus on Circular Economy “The Key to Post-Covid Packaging Growth” Says Eco Flexibles

UK headquartered sustainable flexible packaging business, Eco Flexibles, has commented on the post-Covid packaging market and the potential for circular economy principles to guide the FMCG sector’s growth.

The business, which specialises in new sustainable flexible packaging development, believes that a stronger route towards a circular economy could be key to winning back vital sales.

“Today’s shopper is once again focusing on the ‘green’ credentials of the products they buy, but the umbrella term of ‘sustainability’ is losing its meaning,” said Matt Francklow, director, Eco Flexibles. “What consumers want to see is something tangible that they can understand and relate to. This is where demonstrating circular economy principles in packaging design comes to the fore.”

“Linear packaging journeys are a big part of why plastic packaging has been so vilified so it’s an ideal time for businesses to boost their sustainable packaging credentials,” he added.

Eco Flexibles is disrupting the traditional approaches to packaging development by making flexible packaging more sustainable by light weighting, making it refillable or importantly, recyclable. In particular, the company is reportedly working with a number of brands and packers to transition its flexible packaging designs from mixed plastics to new fully recyclable monopolymer designs with equivalent pack performance. 

Through its unique design and manufacturing organisation structure, the business reportedly offers bespoke designs alongside ‘off-the-shelf’ packs from flow wraps to lidding films and pouches. The business was formed by experienced packaging industry experts that believed sustainable packaging design was no longer in favour of the brand and sought to change that with a fresh way of working.

“Monopolymers, which have a clear channel for recovery, allow the consumer to visualise the full lifetime of a pack and are using this to inform purchase decisions,” Francklow added. “Unlocking the circular economy in everyday products has true commercial value, and its importance to sales recovery cannot be overstated.”

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