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Recycling Logo for Cartons Offered

SPRINGFIELD, MA | With paperboard packaging being collected for recycling in more than 60% of all communities in the US, the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) has made a royalty-free logo available to member and nonmember carton companies.

The Federal Trade Commission has stated that marketers could advertise a product or package as “recyclable” when it could be “collected, separated, or otherwise recovered from the solid waste stream for reuse — or in the manufacture or assembly of another package or product through an established recycling program” by a “substantial majority” of consumers or communities where an item is sold.

The FTC has confirmed that 60% of US municipalities qualifies as a “substantial majority.” This logo can be printed on paper-based packaging to indicate its sustainability and recyclability. The logo is designed to be printed on paper-based packaging that is composed of either virgin or recycled fiber.

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