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Flexible Packaging Labels: Designing, Disclosing, Adhering all Merit Attention

Manufacturers looking for small quantities of flexible packages are finding that digitally-printed labels are a cost-effective and efficient way to go—with minimum runs of 50.

Labels Address Transparency, Convenience and Compliance

Budweiser has been promoting that its ingredients are listed front and center on the label, and claiming Coors Light drinkers have to drill down to a website PDF to get detailed information.

Label PRomotion | Time for Truth in Labeling that Goes Beyond Regs

Mark Lusky dives deep into the PR opportunities tied to labels and branding that exuded honesty instead of hype.

Label PRomotion | Use Your Labels to Generate, See Reviews Rapidly

Labels should provide an easy way for consumers to offer opinions.

Label PRomotion | Too Little, Too Much 'Sticktoitiveness' Sully Label Appeal

In addition to preventing a negative experience, addressing adhesives can provide sales opportunities.

Label PRomotion | Tiny Type Terrorizes Even the Best Eagle Eyes

Right up there with tamper-proof packaging that frustrates young and old alike are the infamous, tiny-type labels that require almost microscope-quality vision to decipher.

Label PRomotion | Does Anyone Proofread Labels or Packaging Anymore?

Careful attention to typos and language is taking a backseat to brand presentation

Label PRomotion | Marijuana Label Lessons To Brand By

The volatility in the pot industry is a reminder to anticipate and prepare for changes that might impact company viability in other industries.

Label PRomotion | Print Is Dying? Not in Packaging, Labels…or Elsewhere

Once again, it’s time to acknowledge that print is not dead. In fact, in some sectors, it’s growing and thriving.

Label PRomotion | Adding Traction to .sucks Domain Extensions

It was only a matter of time before .sucks would become an official domain extension, right along with .com, .net and .us.

Label PRomotion | Questionable Claims Spur Need for Due Diligence

Law firms harvest product manufacturing "low-hanging fruit."

Label PRomotion | Shoppers Trust Product Labels More Than Ads

Consumers perceive packaging's close proximity to the product as more trustworthy, less manipulative.

Label PRomotion | Vape Industry Demonstrates Need for Nimble Branding

Label converters should work with brand owners to ensure they put a "crisis rebranding plan" in place.

Label PRomotion | To Cram or Not To Cram...That Is the Question

The “Clean Label” movement reflects consumers’ desire for labels free of unfettered hype.

Label PRomotion | Legal or Lethal? How Far To Go with a Label to Generate Buzz

Here are some ideas to consider when deciding whether to stir the pot or play it safe.

Label PRomotion | Tug-of-War Features Conservation vs. Informed Consumers

What can be done to give consumers the information they need in a readily readable and convenient way without compromising the conservation movement?

Label PRomotion | Labels' Highest Use: Promotion or Protection?

Labels identify, explain, promote and provide cautionary advice. That’s a lot to do

Label PRomotion | Small Issues Add Up to Big Label Woes

An aging population is just one factor that could lead to larger labels

Label PRomotion | What Do a Dog and Horses Have To Do with Beer?

This year's most memorable Super Bowl commercial was the Budweiser ad, says marketing expert Mark Lusky. It is what the new generation of marketing is all about.

Label PRomotion | Content Marketing, PR Complement One Another

Marketing expert Mark Lusky offers 3 tips to help you rev up your reputation and credibility in the marketplace

Label PRomotion | What Is Labeling's Top Purpose: Promotion or Information?

Mark Lusky offers a few guidelines to consider when it comes to what should be said on a product label.

Label PRomotion | Brand Design Shifts from Good Looks to Good Feelings

Marketing communications expert Mark Lusky offers three tips to rethinking your branding in light of the movement toward "humanized" design

Label PRomotion | Labels Need to Embellish Personal Experience

Here are three simple steps product manufacturers can take to help ensure good PR—personal relations—with prospects and present customers alike

Label PRomotion | Reports of Print's Demise Prove Greatly Exaggerated

Just as the advent of television didn’t destroy the appeal of print communications, digital won’t relegate it to the junk heap either.

Label PRomotion | Labeling Marijuana, Edibles Leaves Room for Promotion

Here are 3 ideas to consider for branding in an industry that initially requires no promotion

Label PRomotion | Keywords Can Make, Break Reputation

As consumers become much more savvy about ingredients, product manufacturers would be wise to examine their claims

Label PRomotion | Shock Value: Yea or Nay?

Can label shock value give a product's audience a reason to buy?

Label PRomotion | When Labels Are the Story

Here are three tips that can help trigger ideas for your customers' labels

Label PRomotion | Use Labels To Encourage User Reviews

Labels can provide one excellent channel for encouraging reviews and suggestions for improvement

Label PRomotion | Label Errors Generate PR—But Not the Kind You Want

There’s an old adage that any PR is good PR—that exposure is valuable regardless of the reasons. I beg to differ

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