Octapharma Employs Automated Vial Labeling System from Schreiner MediPharm

Schreiner MediPharm’s automatic application solution ideal even for very small quantities.

For marking small batches of its vials and infusion bottles efficiently, healthcare company Octapharma relies on a new, automated application system from Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of innovative functional label solutions. The semi-automatic dispensing system satisfies Octapharma’s requirement for a fast, precise solution for labeling small quantities of a wide range of containers flexibly, fast, and at consistent quality.

Schreiner MediPharm’s customized labeling system, designed in collaboration with the Schreiner Services competence center, enables automated labeling of vials and infusion bottles of different sizes, diameters, and shapes. It can be adjusted individually, allows for fast changeovers, is easy to operate, and requires minimal space due to its compact design. Octapharma can mark small batch sizes across a wide range of variations, allowing it to, for example, serve smaller markets with different language versions, or label clinical trial drugs reliably, economically, and in a manner that saves time.

The dispensing system can process glass containers ranging from very small vials with narrow radii to large bottles, with diameters from 15-170 millimeters and heights from 35-250 millimeters, depending on their shape.

A longstanding customer, Octapharma is currently using several of these labeling systems from Schreiner MediPharm. Summing up the benefits of this solution, Brigitta Nehrer, Production Management and Deputy Head of Visual Inspection & Packaging Operations from Octapharma, said, “We are able to label all products from the smallest vials to large bottles efficiently at high and, above all, consistent levels of quality. Compared to previous manual application processes, this reduces the workload of our employees noticeably. As a result, handling of small batch sizes has been professionalized and become clearly more economical."

For more information, visit  www.schreiner-medipharm.com.

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