Additional RFID Tag Production Capacity Added


Marnlen RFiD announces that its new high-speed RFID label converting equipment is now in production. This state-of-the-art production line is capable of inserting any size RFID inlay to label face stock, producing a multitude of UHF and HF standard and custom radio frequency identification (RFID) labels and tags, the company reports. One hundred percent end-of-line inspection is said to ensure quality, accuracy, and reliability.

“This additional production capacity will help Marnlen RFiD provide its customers with custom and standard flexible RFiD labels and tags, as more and more companies apply RFID tags to pallets, cartons, and items shipped through the global supply chain,” says Andris Lauris, Vice President Marnlen RFiD. “This capacity growth is in response to market demand, and builds on Marnlen RFiD’s significant investment in RFID application engineering and research & development.”

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