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Ship and Shore Environmental Works in China

LONG BEACH, CA | Ship & Shore Environmental, a global environmental, pollution abatement, and energy solutions firm, reports that, after one year operating in the China market, it has closed deals with two multi-billion dollar firms, one of whom is a global paint and coating manufacturer, to provide end-to-end pollution abatement services.

"Thanks to our agreement with local partner Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Equipment Company, we estimate that we will see a healthy boost in our China market share in 2017,” says Anoosheh Oskouian, CEO of Ship & Shore Environmental. “In my advisory work with the Chinese EPA, I have learned that they want to help local firms comply with their stricter standards. In fact, the Chinese EPA is taking examples from the US, and California in particular, on developing regulations."

In 2016 Ship & Shore opened a joint manufacturing facility in Zhangjiagang, China, partnering with Aier Environmental. "Anoosheh and I met and united across the ocean to start to make a real difference in China, helping local companies and ultimately the Chinese population to alleviate pollution," says Lily Liu, CEO of Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Equipment Co.

According to Ship and Shore, there is increased market demand and big support in the environmental industry from the Chinese government, and the business potential for the environmental industry in China is huge.

Ship & Shore specializes in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) abatement technologies. Their proprietary systems help remove these volatile chemicals which combine to form atmospheric ozone, or smog and includes industrial chemicals, alcohol, solvents, and petroleum products, including gasoline. The company’s VOC abatement technologies help solve one of the most visible and bothersome issues by helping clean the air that the citizens of China breathe. To this end, Ship & Shore's joint engineering center offers technologies and equipment to capture and control air pollution from a variety of manufacturing industries through its new Chinese mainland manufacturing facility in the city of Zhangjiagang.

Since 2000, Ship & Shore has been prepared to handle and advise on the full spectrum of environmental needs with its complete array of engineering and manufacturing capabilities and multiple offices around the North America, Europe, and most recently, China. With more than 100 specialized professionals spread throughout the world, the company reports it is dedicated to designing tailored solutions for its clients.

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