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Cortec Products Recertified as Compostable

ST. PAUL, MN | Cortec Corporation announces the 2017 recertification of Eco Film and Eco Works as able to bear the DIN CERTCO “seedling” logo, a distinguishing mark of compostability around the globe. The seedling logo and DIN CERTCO certification verify that these two types of film and bags meet requirements for industrial compostability according to European (EN 13432), US (ASTM D 6400), and ISO (ISO 17088) standards. 

Company says Eco Film and Eco Works, when placed in an industrial compost setting, will fully biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water within a matter of weeks, with no eco-toxicity to the soil, plants, or microorganisms involved in the process. Neither relies on biodegradability additives for compostability.

Cortec’s DIN CERTCO recertification covers the following Eco Film and Eco Works products:

  • Compostable Film (reg # 7P0090)
  • Compostable Waste Bags (reg # 7P0091)
  • Compostable Shopping Bags (reg # 7P0343

Eco Film is a replacement for traditional nondegradable films such as low and high density polyethylenes. The film can be made into waste disposal or shopping bags and has been used in waste diversion programs by eco-conscious entities, the company reports. It is said to have good shelf stability and was used as a more durable compostable packaging alternative for a chemical company who experienced spills with previous packaging.

Eco Works film or bags are certified compostable products that are also biobased. They contain biodegradable polyesters including an annually renewable biopolymer source derived from plant sugars. The film or bags can be manufactured with a range of 5%-45% biobased content and formulated to meet varying flexibility or rigidity requirements.

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