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Flexo Concepts Continues Green Initiatives

PLYMOUTH, MA | Flexo Concepts reports it has completed the installation of a solar renewable energy system. The system “went live” on October 17, and the building occupied by the company is now 100% powered by solar-generated electricity. Flexo Concepts manufactures TruPoint doctor blades and wash-up blades as well as the MicroClean dry media anilox cleaning system.

Last fall, company owners Kevin McLaughlin and Greg Howell hired Solect Energy to do a solar feasibility study for the multi-use commercial property housing the company and several tenants. The study confirmed the economic viability of the project, and Solect began work on the development, design, engineering, construction, and interconnection of a solar energy system.

Installation, which included 850 panels on the roof, 40 power inverters, and all materials required to connect the energy to the building and electric grid, was completed over a five-month period. The system generates 290kW of power—equivalent to the electricity used by about 30 average-sized homes in the US—and powers all lighting, heating, air conditioning, and machinery and equipment for all the companies in the building.

The solar project is part of a bigger Flexo Concepts’ initiative to “go green.” In 2016, the facility was outfitted with LED lighting, a move that resulted in an annual reduction in energy use significant enough to power six homes for a year. The company also recycles about 80% of its blade material scrap along with all its cardboard waste and employee food packaging.

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