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Paper, Film & Foil Converter (PFFC) is an exclusively online resource that has provided information to the global converting and package/label printing industries since 1927. PFFC reaches web and sheet converters of flexible and semi-rigid materials made of paper, film, foil, and nonwovens that print, coat, laminate, metallize, extrude, slit, and die-cut. Our audience converts and/or prints such products as bags/pouches and other flexible packaging, labels, tapes, tags, cartons, boxes, fiber tubes, magnetic media, sanitary, and disposable products. receives more than 26,649 page views each month* and our
E-Clips e-newsletter reaches 11,500 subscribers each week.

*Source: Google Analytics from January 1 – August 31, 2017

90 Years of Rock Solid Converting Coverage

Back when Paper, Film & Foil Converter made its initial debut in March 1927, it was titled The Envelope Industry. Paper was king back then, our scope was targeted, and converting was a fledgling industry.

While I wasn't around for PFFC's debut, I was fortunate to have been part of leading a gargantuan effort in the celebration of PFFC's 75th "diamond" anniversary. Now for a total of 22 years as leader of the PFFC team, I couldn't be more delighted to celebrate this 90th "granite" anniversary. And, my, how the industry and technology have evolved!

Who could have predicted the incredibly rapid integration of computers and proliferation of materials that have ultimately morphed into products and processes not even dreamed possible back in 1927. Why it was on October 4, 1927—a mere few months following PFFC's print entrance—that sculptor Gutzon Borgium began his work on Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota, etching in stone four of the most iconic presidential faces in American history. It would take 12 years before Borgium would finish the granite sculptures.

And now, 90 years have passed, and PFFC continues its strong and vital growth as an exclusively online information resource, being the electronic repository of 12,600+ searchable articles representing over 24,800+ pages of content, according to Google.

I ask you to join us in celebrating PFFC's longevity and commitment to a global industry that continues to change and thrive. You'll see us at many venues this year, and when you do, be sure to drop by for a personal thank you.

My friends call me...


Yolanda Simonsis, President/Editorial Director



Digital Marketing Forecasts

How Much Should You Budget For Marketing In 2017?

55.9% of Marketers plan to increase Online Display Advertising budgets in 2016.*


According to Forrester Research, 74% of the buyer's journey is made anonymously online.**


59.7% of Marketers plan to increase E-mail Marketing budgets in 2016*


From February 2012 to August 2016, Digital marketing spend has consistently grown by double digit increments year after year. This means businesses are shifting their marketing spend.*


Marketing Spending Plans for 2016, by Program


E-mail Marketing

Social Media

Online Display Advertising

Mobile Marketing

Search (SEO/PPC)

Public Relations

Direct Mail

Tradeshows & Events

Print Advertising

Radio/Television Advertising




Sources: *Web Strategies; **Forrester Research, and ***Web Strategies

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% increasing spend
% decreasing spend

("Same" and "NA" responses omitted)












Editorial Calendar - 2018

Event Name

Flexible Packaging Assn. Annual Meeting/Awards

Flexographic Technical Assn. Forum & INFOFLEX

SVC TechCon 2018

RadTech UV+EB 2018

AWA Intl. Sleeve Label Conf./Exhib. & Sleeve Label Comp.

Flexographic Technical Assn. Awards

In-Mold Decorating Assn. Awards

Labelexpo Americas

Pack Expo International

Tag & Label Mfrs. Inst. Annual Meeting/Awards

Specialty Graphic Imaging Assn. 2018 SGIA Expo

Event Date

Website Date

E-Clips Date

March 13-15


March 20

May 6-9 (Forum), May 7-8 (INFOFLEX)


April 17

May 5-10


April 24

May 7-9


May 1

April 18-20


May 8

May 6


May 15

May 16


June 5

September 25-27


September 4

October 14-17


September 18

October 14-17


October 23

October 18-20


October 2

Website Ads

Ads on combine IAB-certified placements and advanced ad management technology to provide maximum visibility throughout the PFFC website or within exclusive pages owned by one advertiser

Our sponsorship opportunities combine the trust and authority of PFFC with action—the RESPONSES you want (ads positioned near related content), WHERE you want them (link your ad to specific pages), WHEN you need it (online ads are perfect for timely announcements). All ads on PFFC receive response report.


The ad positions listed below are Run of Site (ROS) and appear on ALL pages of the PFFC website, except a few exclusively sponsored pages. ROS ads appear for half the total impressions per month and rotate with another advertiser an even amount each month. This provides a fixed monthly investment for very good exposure. And our readers are more responsive in viewing different ad creative in many page views (with two rotating ads in each position).

728 x 90

$975 net/month (max. file size: 35k)

180 x 240

$975 net/month (max. file size: 30k)

180 x 150 (5 available)

$525 net/month for Top Position
(max. file size: 20k)

180 x 150
(below Left Rail Ads)

$450 net/month (max. file size: 20k)


300 x 250

$990 net/month (max. file size: 30k)

300 x 250 (middle)

$750 net/month (max. file size: 30k)

728 x 90

$450 net/month (max. file size: 35k)

26,649+ Page Views a Month

With more than 26,649 page views each month,* now is the time to take full advantage of advertising at to see trackable leads to your marketing program. PFFC has the flexibility to shape your integrated advertising program and exceed your marketing goals.

*Source: Google Analytics from January 1 – August 31, 2017

Category Content Ownership

Category content landing pages quickly connect our readers with timely news, commentary, and the latest technological advances on the most important converting topics. These high-interest pages are designed to draw traffic from search engines relating to specific content.


You can be the sole owner of ALL THREE (top of page) advertising positions on EVERY page within your specific category, exclusively positioning your brand alongside related content. No other ads appear on your category pages. Includes your own Video Player on your category home page (can update at any time). Plus, as a category owner, you will receive one Custom E-Blast when you schedule 12 months.

Be the sole owner of a content landing page!

$1,100 net/month (per category)

Top Banner Ad

(max. file size: 35k)

Premium Upper Left Ad

180 x 240

(max. file size: 30k)

Premium Upper Right Ad
300 x 250

(max. file size: 30k)

Video Player

E-Clips E-Newsletter Ads

Identify and capture the attention of subscribers who need your products and services and drive traffic to your website with a targeted message in this newsletter that reaches 11,500 subscribers. E-Clips contains timely, concise news, new products, feature stories, blog posts, videos, white papers, and more.

E-Clips is delivered to subscribers weekly (months that have a 5th week do not have a newsletter). Sponsors can choose to advertise in Cycle 1 (Weeks 1 and 3) or Cycle 2 (Weeks 2 and 4) of each month. Pricing is based on one cycle (two issues) and sponsors have the option to purchase both cycles in a month. Space reservations close Monday, one week prior to deployment.

Premium Top Banner Ad*

460 x 90

$1,200 net/cycle
(max. file size: 35k)

Middle Banner Ad
460 x 90, $600 net/cycle
(max. file size: 35k)

Middle Ad*
300 x 250
$800 net/cycle
(max. file size: 30k)

1ST Text Ad with Image

75 words + photo

$1,100 net/cycle

Best Available Text Ad with Image
(4 additional positions available)

$950 net/cycle

Own 3 Banner Ads!
In one mailing of E-Clips you can own the Top, Middle, and Lower ads to saturate the newsletter from top to bottom with your message.
$2,400 net/cycle



View Sample >

Right Rail Ad*

120 x 240

$700 net/cycle (top)

(max. file size: 30k)

Best Available

120 x 240
(2 additional positions available)
$650 net/cycle
(max. file size: 30k)

*Ads can be animated to rotate with three different images (rotating continuously).

Click Image Below to View E-Clips Archive

Custom E-Blasts

E-Blasts reach 11,500 readers. We mail E-Blasts on Thursdays and reserve some Wednesdays as “make up” mailing dates. We do not mail two “Product” or two “Service” E-Blasts in the same week, so we don’t over-saturate our readers with similar messages. We’ll send you a test mailing to make sure it looks and works as you intend.


Exclusive Message to subscribers

Your ready-to-deploy HTML

Subject line

Detailed metrics | Deliveries, Open rate, Click-throughs by URL, and Total Clicks

$1,500 net/per mailing with a $50 cancellation fee for custom E-Blasts if canceled within two weeks of scheduled E-Blast date.

Featured Video Push
$475 (includes two mailings for two consecutive weeks in E-Clips e-newsletter + includes Featured Video on PFFC website Home Page for same two weeks)

Include your video as a "Featured Video" within our weekly e-newsletter, E-Clips, pushing the video out to our 11,500 readers.

This includes an image of the video with a play button, a 50-word description about the video with a website link. And your video will be the "Featured Video" on the PFFC website Home Page for the same two weeks as it appears within E-Clips.

We will send you the click results to your website link and the video link to show how responsive our readers were to your Featured Video within E-Clips.


Mailing List Rental

We rent our mailing lists (traditional print mail and e-mail lists) through a company called Merit Direct. With Merit Direct, you can target a specific demographic within the PFFC readership to rent a mailing list. The mailing list rental is the best way to target a specific segment of our readership.

?Current advertisers in PFFC receive discounted Mailing List Rentals.

Contact Mike Miles, Merit Direct, at 914-368-1037;

Buyers Guide

Access the Industry's Most Complete Manufacturer & Supplier Directory!
2,349+ page views/month AND readers averaged 6+ page views/per session AND spent over 5 minutes/session searching Buyers Guide pages.*


*Source: Google Analytics from January 1 – August 31, 2017.





Company name


Phone number

Basic listing +

Unlimited category listings

Active Website link

Basic/Enhanced listing +

Logo on company page

Guaranteed Page 1 category search results

150-word company profile

Basic/Enhanced/Premium listings +

Featured Company on Buyers Guide home page

Top of Page 1 category search results with logo

300-word company profile

Full Media Package (Video Player on your company page and links to product pages on your website, Social Media links and Video Channel links)

Listed as a “Featured Company” in E-Clips e-newsletter four times a year

Up to 10 categories

for 12 months

for 12 months

for 12 months

Click Image Below to View Buyers Guide

Focused Directories/Directory Bundle


For converters in need of contract services, PFFC provides four focused directories listing companies that provide specific converting capabilities. Every quarter, we highlight these directories in our weekly E-Clips e-newsletter, driving 11,500 subscribers to these pages on our website.


Logo Upgrade

Directory Bundle










$70/month for all four

*The Logo Upgrade Package includes your company logo, live website address, live e-mail address, and live Buyers Guide link.

White Papers, E-Books, and Online Jobs

White Papers | UP TO 3 WHITE PAPERS | $60/month for 12 months.


Lead Generation Form

Company Logo

Paragraph Intro

Listing as a “Featured White Paper” in
E-Clips E-newsletter four times a year

E-Books | $60/month for 12 months.


Lead Generation Form

Cover Image of E-Book

Intro Paragraph

Listing as “Featured E-Book” in E-Clips E-newsletter four times a year.

Online Jobs | Three options:

$50/30 days on website

OR place ad as “Featured Job” in E-Clips E-newsletter at $125/mailing

Include Social Media Push on PFFC Facebook and Linked In Pages at $100

Select all three options for $250!

Extensive PFFC Video Guide is sorted by industry category. We will include your video at any time.

For maximum exposure, your company can be an Exclusive Sponsor of any specific video category!

We include "Featured Videos" in our E-Clips e-newsletter at least twice a month driving our subscribers directly to the Video Guide. As an exclusive Video Category sponsor, our readers would see ONLY your ads when they are viewing your category (even if they are viewing a competitor’s videos).

$300 net per month and includes 4 Ads! (2) 728 X 90 Banner ads (top and bottom) + (2) 300 X 250 ads on your specific Video Category. No other ads would appear on your category page.

Video Guide

Click Image Below to View Video Guide

Message Board

THE CONVERTER COMMUNITY” | PFFC offers the industry’s only interactive Forum where readers, subscribers, and members can ask questions and get direct answers from the market.

We include recent posts in our E-Clips e-newsletter to drive traffic to the Message Board and continue the conversation.

?“THE CONVERTER COMMUNITY” Exclusive Sponsor | $600 net per month. Includes a Top Banner Ad and a Lower Banner Ad. Both ad sizes are 728 X 90. Can be the same ad or different ad material. No other ads will appear on the page.

Online Ad Specifications

Online Advertising Questions, Contracts,
Insertion Orders & Materials |

Tim Janes, VP/Online Sales
27117 Sun Ridge Dr.
Evergreen, CO 80439


FORMATS CURRENTLY ACCEPTED | GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, HTML,  Unicast, PointRoll, Eyeblaster, Enliven.

WILL ACCEPT FOR TESTING | DHTML, Audio, Real, Shoshkeles, Tomboy.

NON-ACCEPTED FORMATS | Java, Java Applet, Video.

3RD PARTY AD SERVING | PFFC will accept most 3rd party ad tags, including DART (internal redirect), Bluestreak, MediaPlex, and Atlas. All 3PAS must be accompanied by anti-caching documentation.

FRAMES & LOOPING | Maximum frames: 3; looping: 3 times.

MATERIALS DUE | 3 business days prior to posting for banner and rich media ads. Include referring URL

Contract Terms

RATE POLICY & CONTRACT PROVISIONS | All advertisements are accepted and published entirely on the representation that the Advertising Agency and/or Advertiser are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is understood that, in consideration of the publication of advertisements, the Advertiser and/or Advertising Agency will indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless from and against any claims or suits for libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism, trademark, patent and copyright infringements (including the text and photographs within the advertisements), and other claims based on the contents or subject matter of such publication. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any and all advertising, which the Publisher feels is not in keeping with its standards, policies, and principles. The Publisher reserves the right to add the word “Advertisement” at the top and/or bottom of any ad that, in the Publisher’s sole judgment, too closely resembles editorial. The Publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on any order blank, insertion order or contract when they conflict with the terms or conditions of the publication’s rate card, or any amendment thereof. The Publisher shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for any failure to publish or circulate all or any part of the publication issue or issues due to strikes, work stoppages, accidents, fires, acts of God or any circumstance not within control of the Publisher. The Publisher is not responsible for the accuracy of any corrections or changes made to any Advertiser’s materials.

AGENCY COMMISSION | 15% of the gross billing allowed to recognized advertising agencies on space and position only, provided account is paid within 30 (thirty) days of invoice date. Advertiser’s material must be prepared in accordance with production specifications to qualify for agency commission. No cash discounts allowed.

WIRE TRANSFER POLICY | Add $20 USD to invoice amount to pay added service fees.

SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY | Advertiser and Advertising Agency are jointly and severally liable for payment. Publisher will not release the Advertising Agency from liability even if a sequential liability clause is included in the contract, insertion order, purchase order, etc.

CANCELLATION POLICY | Neither the Advertiser nor its Advertising Agency may cancel advertising after closing date. Cancellations prior to closing must be in writing. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Banners, sponsorships, and E-Newsletters require a 2-week written cancellation notice. $50 Cancellation Fee for Custom E-Blasts if canceled within two weeks of scheduled E-Blast date.

ERROR LIABILITY LIMIT | The Publisher’s liability for any error will not exceed the charge for the advertisement in question. The Publisher assumes no liability for errors in any type set by the Publisher. The Publisher is not responsible for the accuracy of any corrections or changes made to the Advertiser’s copy/materials.

SHORT RATE PROTECTION | Advertisers billed at special contract rates based on frequency, but who fail to fulfill the contract, will be billed at the Publisher’s sole discretion for the difference to reflect the rate that is actually earned. For example, Advertisers will be billed for lost frequency discounts if, within a twelve (12) month period (or written contract period) from date of the first insertion, they do not use the amount of advertising space upon which their billing rate was based.

RATE CARD IN EFFECT | Advertising rates, terms and conditions set forth in the rate cards shall govern all transactions and supersede any other information published in previous rate cards, directories, media guides or rate and data services whether in print or online. Publisher will not honor rates or data derived from these other sources unless it is in conformance with this rate card. Publisher has the right to increase rates with prior notification to advertiser.

TERMS OF SALE | Terms of sale are Net 30 (thirty) days from date of invoice. No cash discounts allowed. Publisher will not accept any form of payment that contains any limitations or conditions on payment, such as short paid checks noted as representing payment in full of a disputed balance.

LINE OF CREDIT | Advertiser’s line of credit may increase or decrease from time to time. Such changes will be made at the sole discretion of Publisher, and no advanced notification is promised or implied.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS | Orders may be held at the Publisher’s sole discretion.

COLLECTION RELATED ISSUES | If Publisher must refer Advertiser’s delinquent account to an attorney or collection agency, Advertiser agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys’ or collection agency’s fees, court costs, and other collection costs in connection with the Publisher’s collection efforts.

JURISDICTION | Advertising Agencies and/or Advertisers agree that any legal action arising between Publisher and Advertising Agency and/or Advertiser must be brought in the courts of the state of Illinois, Cook County, and that Advertising Agency and/or Advertiser agrees to submit all claims to the jurisdiction of these courts regardless of any conflict of jurisdiction which may arise.

NOTIFICATION TO PUBLISHER | If the Advertising Agency and/or Advertiser changes their address or there is a change of ownership or control of their company, please notify the Publisher of this change within ten (10) working days.

DEFINITIONS | As used in this section and this rate card, the term “Publisher” shall refer to PFFC and its parent company, YTC Media Inc.

Comments, Questions or Concerns?

Yolanda Simonsis, President/Editorial Director

YTC Media Inc., 5624 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: 773-916-PFFC (7332)


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