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Telstar Retrofits Add Digital Capability


BURNSVILLE, MN | Telstar Engineering offers retrofit units for companies wishing to add digital production services without investing in a completely new label press. 

The “Offliner” Web Transport Platform includes unwinding with closed-loop tension, steering, and rewinding for webs from 7–20 in. wide. The chassis can be extended to allow for multiple processes.

“Early on we saw variable information printing not as a threat to web press production, but as an opportunity to enhance the production power of the equipment on hand in the customer's business,” says Tom Kirtz, Telstar president and chief engineer. “Four years ago we began working with Digital Printing Solutions Technology to incorporate their printhead units on an Aquaflex press. The success of this first effort demonstrated the value this…technology would have for companies looking to offer digital products while taking a conservative financial approach to emerging market demands.”

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