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Narrow Web & Label Reporter: Study Profiles Tape Market

Amsterdam, Netherlands | An AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. study of the North American specialty tape market, from a supply-side viewpoint, is the first of a planned series of assessments of the world's regional specialty tape markets. “The North American Specialty Tape Market Supply-side Analysis 2009” provides details of the major market segments in the US, Canada, and Mexico; highlights key applications for specialty p-s tapes; analyzes strengths and weaknesses; and identifies growth opportunities.

While North America has ceded its place as the leading regional tape market to Asia, it still represents 31% of global demand, according to the report. It was on track for continuing growth at 3%/yr until the current financial crisis but now is unlikely to show any growth this year.

Specialty tapes represent the second largest share of total North American volumes. However, by their nature, the study finds, they are highly dependent on the economic climate in the end-use markets they serve. The construction and transportation markets, for example, currently are experiencing a serious slowdown — mirroring the recessive nature of these industries — and are suffering from a resulting domino effect on specialty tape usage. Conversely, the report documents areas offering significant opportunities.

Data provided is up-to-the-minute, documenting the status prior to the global financial crisis, as well as its effects over the past few months. The study is claimed particularly useful as stalled growth begins to move again and recessionary confusion deserves the clarification of sound historical perspective. For more information visit www.awa-bv.com.

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