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Spooling Line Uses SAHM Winders

PARSIPPANY, NJ | Catbridge Machinery has built a p-s tape spooling line utilizing SAHM winders. The 762-mm (30-in.)-wide line unwinds, slits, and spools webs of various p-s tapes, including foams. Features include a score cut slitting section capable of minimum slits of 3 mm (0.12 in.). The slitting station is adapted to accept a drop-in shear or razor section. Another section allows drop-in die-cutting.

The rewind section consists of 12 SAHM Model 4 11 E spoolers, each capable of 400-mm (15.75-in.) maximum package diameter, tape width from 1.6-30 mm (0.063-1.18 in.), and speeds to 450 mpm (1,450 fpm).

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