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In-Mold Breaks the Mold

MIAMI, FL | Winners of the 2010 In-Mold Decorating Assn. Competition had no trouble “breaking the mold” with innovative, decorative submissions. Judges saw fit to credit ten champions from a field of 45 entries, representing 20 companies worldwide. Presentations were bestowed on September 29 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during the International In-Mold Labeling & Decorating Conference, dubbed IMLCON & IMDCON 2010 North America, in the presence of 120 attendees.

Judging the event were Clare Goldsberry of ProWrite Communications and senior editor at Modern Plastics Worldwide; Ashley Carlson, director of packaging, Plastics Div., American Chemistry Council, and Yolanda Simonsis, associate publisher/editor of PFFC.

Durability Undampened

This spa controller panel/bezel withstands both hot and wet conditions that no standard label could endure. Earning the Best IMD Durable Product award, this entry utilizes the Kurz reel-to-reel IMD method, combining superior chemical resistance with a machined look and dead front/transparent window graphics. Crisp text complements the design to yield a high-end look not previously available in the industry. Use of IMD eliminated certain assembly requirements while reducing the total part cost when compared to the previous controller panel. Submitted by molder: Distinctive Plastics; brand owner: Watkins Mfg. (Caldera).

Nothing ‘Cheesy’

Deserving Best Injection Molded Part is Alouette Blue Cheese package, submitted by Treofan/IML Labels Canada. An easy open/close feature permits sprinkling of crumbled cheese without removing the lid. Both flat or side storage on store shelves is permitted with this clear container, comprising 100% recyclable PP and boasting excellent concentric shaded graphics from a white label background. Molder: LaCroix Packaging; brand owner: Alouette Cheese USA.

Crisp, Clear & Cold

Credited with Best Label Design is brand owner Chapman's Ice Cream for its Chapman's Yogurt, submitted by Treofan/IML Labels Canada. A premium design showcases product benefits complemented with crisp, clear photography. Elements include a tamper-evident lid and “greener” package features that befriend both consumer and manufacturer alike. Molder: Jokey Canada.

Mixing It Up

Brand owner Truco Enterprises' On the Border Margarita Mix deserves Best Part Design, submitted and molded by Ropak Packaging, which utilizes its patent-pending Diamond Weave Technology. The tub results in a 33% source reduction and 38% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while imparting structural strength that results from the internal diamond lattice surface. Top-load performance is maintained despite significant light-weighting. A laser-engraved dual-purpose, channeled lid permits dipping the edge of a margarita glass with salt, offering both shelf appeal and consumer convenience.

BBQ: All Tidied Up

Brand owner Hormel Foods Corp. opted for three IML labels (two on the container, one on the lid) to dress its Lloyd's Barbeque Package, earning Best Thin Wall Packaging. Submitted by molder Airlite Plastics Co., this redesigned packaging for prepared barbeque meats eliminates a paperboard sleeve with instructions that now appear on IML labels. Sustainable benefits are realized by saving 973 tons of paper. Integral stay-cool handles allow consumers to safely remove the heated, reusable, and fully recyclable container from the microwave.

Easy Fit

Nestlé's Nesquick rectangular containers receive recognition for Best Product Family. Containers are ergonomically friendly, fitting perfectly in the hand, and feature 360 degrees of billboard-like, wrap-around panels to increase the product's shelf awareness. Submitted by StackTeck & Gateway Plastics, graphics are rotogravure printed on glossy label stock; a transparent lid increases aesthetics and consumer acceptance. State-of-the-art molding technology allows minimum draft and precise label placement. Molder: Gateway Plastics.

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