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Landfill Alternatives

CHICAGO, IL | Channeled Resources Group (CRG) says it has “closed the loop” in the p-s industry by developing economic and environmental solutions for spent release liner and nonrecyclable matrix. CRG processes spent liner into desiliconized pulp, introduced to the specialty paper industry as a sustainable alternative to hardwood pulp. The properties are claimed similar and allow a byproduct to be made into a clean, bright alternative that meets recycled content requirements.

CRG also has formed a partnership with Greenwood Fuels, a company that pelletizes p-s matrix, the other nonrecyclable byproduct, to create an alternative fuel that replaces coal in industrial boilers and curbs greenhouse gas emissions. CRG will supply Greenwood Fuels' newest Hamilton, OH, plant with 10,000 tons of nonrecyclable byproduct per month.

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