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TLMI Technical Conference Covers Wide Agenda

Converters, suppliers, and consumer packaged goods companies met to address sustainability, hiring best practices, flexo vs digital printing, and more

Digital Label Finishing Systems Offers “Mini Press”

The MP850 will laminate and die-cut preprinted labels, reportedly cutting with precision and reducing waste

Avery Dennison Offers P-S Material for Craft Beer Labels

Line includes ten facestocks, both paper and film, and four adhesives said to help brand owners create unique label shapes and printing options

Mark Andy, Rotoflex Sign on to Dubai Show

Gulf Print & Pack 2013 will feature the Performance Series P5 from Mark Andy, as well as finishing solutions from Rotoflex

Guide Web with Air

The RS2-10 all-air web guide double roller steering guide, capable of guiding webs to 130 in. wide, is suited for plastic films, multiwall bags, laminating,

Slitter Is Small But Rugged

The RSC Series slitter/rewinder inspection machine is said to offer a compact, small footprint design with rugged, robust stability and reliable quality.

Synthetic Paper For Wet Glue Use

Polyart Wet Glue is designed for cold glue cut-and-stack labeling on glass or plastic bottles. Features a cavitated HDPE film and water-absorbent coating

Thin Stocks for Labels

The Thin Range comprises ten thinner label stocks offering the opportunity to switch to longer roll lengths for fewer roll changes and more labels/roll.

Die Keeps Machines Clean

The Air-Flex flexible air die combines the benefits of the flexible die and the company's existing Shock Air system. The system removes the waste, ensuring

Print Labels in High Resolution

The iTech AXXIS digital label system comprises a high-resolution (5,760 1,440 dpi) roll-fed CMYK print engine featuring variable-droplet technology, and

Release Papers for Many Applications

Silca supercalendered release papers meet the requirements of any label stock, specialty tape, or industrial application, company says. Described as sustainable,

Substrates Are FDA Compliant

Flexible packaging products include four film-faced laminated digital substrates that can be surface printed; white and silver foil-sealant basestocks

Detect Labels with Slot Design

GLD3 Series photoelectric slot label detection sensors are designed to detect paper, foil, and many types of translucent adhesive labels on a roll. Slotted

Inks for Shrink Sleeves

The W500 Series water-based ink is designed for reverse-print shrink sleeves for PVC and PET films. Reported benefits include high-speed printing; ease

Paper Dissolves

BM1070 dissolvable paper for label printing comprises a water-soluble adhesive and dispersible paper. It is able to dissolve on contact with cold water

Prepress Suite Is Modular

New version of web2print platform software Vit2Print comprises several modules. The entire suite offers a prepress workflow solution, though each module

Software Automates Die-Cutting

The Finecut laser die-cutting station is powered by software said to automate cutting sequences for optimum web speeds, seamlessly cut and stitch images

Press Has Options

The 330 flexo press is said to increase production capacity by as much as 50%. Can be supplied with up to 12 printing units for UV or water-based inks

Shrink Labels Enhance POP

Embrace copolyesters for full-body shrink labels allow brand owners to maximize marketing messages at the point-of-purchase. Embrace HY has lower shrink

Foam Tapes Have High Adhesion

The XHA 6600 Series high-adhesion acrylic foam tapes are said to satisfy fastening and bonding requirements in the appliance, transportation, electronics,

UV Inkjet Doubles Throughput

The Jetrion 4830 UV inkjet system increases throughput by more than 2x compared to the Jetrion 4000. Powered by company's Fiery XF RIP, system is said

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