VW Certifies Laminated Composite

GREVEN, GERMANY | Nordenia Intl. reports its NORShield AC (AntiCorrosion) laminated composite has certification from Volkswagen that it corresponds to the criteria of VW's approval process for volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packaging. “We are proud of this success in an industry that is of strategic importance to us,” says Andreas Picolin, vice chairman. “It shows clearly that we can fulfill the high quality requirements of global automobile manufacturers.”

NORShield AC puts a protective layer on metal surfaces to prevent the packaged material from corroding due to contact with oxygen or water. The product is especially suitable for the temporary protection of ferrous material and allows easy handling. The instantaneous setup of the protective atmosphere does not require an incubation period between packaging and shipping. Furthermore, the composite is ecologically friendly and can be recycled. In addition, no further corrosion protection emitter is needed in the packaging, leading to significant economy in cost and time.

NORShield AC is offered as rollstock and as pre-made goods (e.g., bags and hoods for shipping and storing camshafts, ball bearings, or brake disks).

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