AWA Conferences Cover Hot Topics

CHICAGO, IL | The AWA Label Release Liner Industry Seminar, hosted by AWA Alexander Watson Assoc., Amsterdam, Netherlands, was held September 13 at the Hyatt Rosemont O'Hare, in conjunction with Labelexpo 2010. Topics discussed during the one-day seminar included global trends, sustainability, and new opportunities within the prime label market.

The seminar's final session, “The Importance of a Release Liner from the Label Converter's Perspective,” offered commentary from Lori Campbell, chief operations manager at The Label Printers, Aurora, IL, about challenges label converters face when dealing with release liners. Campbell outlined common challenges but expressed that her greatest concern is developing deeper relationships with her release liner suppliers.

“You do a great job providing good products, but we want to know you better,” she urged attendees, who were predominately release liner suppliers. The 2011 Global Release liner Conference will be held March 31-April 1 at the same venue.

The International In-Mold Labeling & Decorating 2010 North America Conference (IMLCON & IMDCON), organized by AWA, was held September 29-30 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL. A total of 120 delegates attended the event, featuring on the first day keynote market and business sessions that offered an IML market overview, converter critical trends, mergers & acquisitions, and a tutorial on how to uncover and initiate innovations and capitalize on business opportunities. A discussion panel addressed in-mold and alternative labeling, accepting questions from the audience that included among other subjects the pros and cons of IML versus shrink or roll-fed shrink labeling versus standard pressure-sensitive versus glue-applied. A lifecycle analysis or carbon footprint analysis of IML likely will materialize in the future. That evening, IMDA presented awards to deserving recipients for its annual in-mold label and decorating competition. The following day's events included a technology and materials session and concluded with breakthroughs on robotic automation that facilitate cost reductions and a final cocktail reception and tabletop exhibition.

On October 4-5, AWA welcomed more than 30 attendees to PABS 2010, its Product Authentication & Brand Security Conference, also held at the Hyatt Rosemont. Attendees learned about emerging trends from several technology suppliers and also heard presentations from US Customs and Argonne National Laboratory.

Therese Randazzo, director, US Customs & Border Protection, says there is a need for standardization because it's impractical for Customs employees to keep track of all the overt/covert technology. The department envisions working with the private sector to build programs that keep commerce flowing.

Roger Johnston, section manager, Argonne National Laboratory, provided a vulnerability assessment on tags and seals. He says anticounterfeiting tags can be easily defeated by low-tech methods. Johnston provided information on the CNT (Call-In the Numeric Token) Technique that verifies a product ID number when the customer calls in or logs onto a website.

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