Converted Flex-Pack Report Is Out

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK | Europe's converted flexible packaging market declined by 3% in value terms to around e10.4 billion in 2009, equivalent to 44.2 billion sq m of materials, reports PCI Films Consulting. The decline in sales value was mainly associated with the fall in raw material costs, especially in the first half of the year, which was reflected in lower prices to customers.

Demand in area terms actually increased by a marginal 1%, the report adds, as a result of real growth in a number of end-use markets in both Western and Eastern Europe.

Further consolidation of the European flexible packaging industry is expected as more medium-sized converters are likely to be acquired by leading companies. The report predicts Europe's flexible packaging market will grow by 4%-5% in value terms in 2010. Longer-term value growth is expected to be around 2.5%/annum to 2014.

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