DuPont Aims to Seal Customer Loyalty

CHICAGO, IL | DuPont Packaging, Wilmington, DE, held two technical seminars during Pack Expo at McCormick Place on November 1. In the first, “Sure Ways to Reduce Packaging Sealing Failures,” Barry A. Morris, senior technology associate, provided information on DuPont's Surlyn sealant and offered 12 tips on how to choose a sealant to reduce leakers. He recommends selecting a sealant that:

  • Seals over a wide temperature range
  • Has good hot tack
  • Seals at low temperatures
  • Seals well with wrinkles or gussets
  • Seals through/around seal bar contamination
  • Provides oil/grease resistance
  • Contributes puncture resistance
  • Provides abrasion resistance
  • Has aluminum foil adhesion — eliminates tie layer
  • Has clarity to show off product
  • Thermoforms well
  • Provides downgauging potential

Morris discussed DuPont's Interactive Value Analysis Model, a software tool available to the industry that can help determine whether or not to change the film being used for a package.

In the second seminar, “Consumer Convenience Through Easy-Peel Lidding,” Terry Kendig, technical specialist for Appeel lidding, said consumers like the safety and security of hermetically sealed packages. Converters' interest in extrudable polymers is rapidly increasing, and more companies will expand into hot fill, microwave, and retort applications.

Kendig covered specifications on some of the newest grades of Appeel lidding sealant resins. This includes Grade 22D843, which can be used for retort applications and also has been approved for direct food contact globally.

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