Methane Gas for Fuel Is Clean Solution

PAINESVILLE, OH | NOVA Chemicals is using landfill methane gas as a significant fuel source at its Painesville facility. The clean-energy landfill gas program began in 2010 with a goal to replace natural gas at a level that would heat 160 homes year-round, and it has already exceeded company expectations for power generation and conservation.

NOVA is reducing its conventional natural gas use by 60%, reportedly conserving a vital natural resource as it pipes in methane gas. Another benefit is improved air quality by reducing emissions associated with methane flaring at the landfill about two miles away from the EPS plant.

“We're proud to be investing in the sustainable benefits of landfill gas and helping the state of Ohio to become a leader in waste reduction and recycling efforts,” says Brian Fedor, site leader for the location. Fedor says the project has exceeded the designed 60%/40% split of landfill methane gas to natural gas. The program, he adds, is the equivalent of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from 700 cars.

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