Labeltronix Refreshes Its Brand With New Options for Customers' Labeling at a Pivotal Time

Labeltronix LLC, the leading provider of premium craft labeling solutions, was established in 1993 and has changed, grown, and diversified ever since.

Originally focused on providing label printing systems to its customers, Labeltronix' leaders reportedly invested in state-of-the-art digital printing, HD flexo, and advanced finishing press equipment to give consumer product manufacturers the chance to order premium crafted labels manufactured at the Labeltronix facility.

Labeltronix’s entire 50,000-square-foot operation is built under the Labeltronix Lean Labeling framework, a centerpiece to its innovative manufacturing process. Beyond that, label printing competitions have reportedly recognized Labeltronix with multiple national and global printing awards for its excellence.

After two decades of innovation, Labeltronix created the ReThink Labeling Division, which partnered with Epson to become a stand-out in representing its color label printers. As an Epson Advantage Partner, ReThink helped usher in a new era of on-demand color label printing.

As leaders in the industry with a passion for helping customers overcome today's labeling challenges, Labeltronix has once again developed a proprietary, Dynamic Hybrid™ label solution that could provide its customers with unprecedented control and the flexibility to produce premium craft award-winning labels. 

Customers get award-winning print quality for their brands, combined with the incredible flexibility and control they need to thrive in today's fast-moving marketplace with the Dynamic Hybrid label solution. 

Besides making strategic moves in the company, the brand introduced a new look for its logo.

"Our new logo is also meant to reflect the future of labeling," said Jill Sambol, Marketing Manager at Labeltronix. "It connects our long-standing tradition of serving labeling customers with our commitment to incorporate the latest technologies and research data for our customers' success."

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