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HYBRID Software, A B Graphic International Collab Raises Bar for Label, Packaging Finishing Automation

HYBRID Software, developer of innovative productivity tools for labels and package printing, and ABG, market leader in finishing equipment for label converting, announce a collaboration to streamline operations and enhance efficiency on the shop floor.

The integration between the two industry leaders is centered around three key areas that promise to deliver unprecedented operational enhancements:

  1. Streamlined Setup with Automated Slitting Parameters: HYBRID Software's automation will seamlessly transmit slitting parameters to the ABG Digicon Series 3 machine through the ABG Connect platform. This integration will effectively eliminate the need for manual setup, reducing human touchpoints and paving the way for increased productivity.
  2. Enhanced Inspection Automation: The partnership brings about a more automated process for driving ABG's proprietary camera inspection technology, fleyeVision. Through a direct link to HYBRID’s CLOUDFLOW software, fleyeVision can effortlessly retrieve the "golden image" required for inspection, minimizing the potential for errors and optimizing quality control.
  3. Efficient Laser Cutting: The ABG DigiLase machine will benefit from CLOUDFLOW's ability to incorporate QR codes representing corresponding dielines for laser cutting. ABG’s laser technology and its innovative approach ensures precise and efficient laser cutting while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy.

Matt Burton, ABG Sales Director, shared his excitement about the partnership: “We are very pleased with this new collaboration with HYBRID Software which marks another significant step towards reducing manual touchpoints in our processes. This is another key component of our ABG Connect package as we push towards automation that will not only add greater efficiencies to production but also reduce operator error whilst reducing waste and downtime.”

Bert Van der Perre, Associate Director of Sales at HYBRID Software, echoed the sentiment: “Linking our prepress automation solution to ABG equipment elevates the overall equipment effectiveness for our many mutual customers. This partnership extends the boundaries of our software's capabilities, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We are truly going beyond print!”

The industry is witnessing a transformative leap in production efficiency and operational excellence. HYBRID Software and ABG’s collaborative efforts are set to redefine the landscape of label and packaging production, ushering in a new era of automation, accuracy, and innovation.

Learn more at www.hybridsoftware.com.

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